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Harry Potter’s Bonnie Wright Reveals What She Wanted For Ginny’s Onscreen Arc-TGN


  • Bonnie Wright says that Ginny Weasley’s arc in the Harry Potter movies could have been improved by delving deeper into her relationship with Harry, including the nuanced moments that built up their romance in the books.
  • The limited runtime of the movies forced certain elements from the books, such as Ginny’s character development, to be left out or reduced in importance.
  • Wright shares disappointment with viewers who loved Ginny and Harry’s romance in the books, as the movies didn’t fully capture the depth of their relationship.

Actor Bonnie Wright reveals what she wished Ginny Weasley’s arc was in the Harry Potter movies. Twelve years after the main Wizarding World film series ended via Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, the franchise remains a fan-favorite. Based on the novels of the same name by J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter movies are regarded as some of the best book-to-movie adaptations. However, certain elements from print weren’t translated very well in live-action, including Harry and Ginny’s blossoming romance.

In a new Inside of You podcast episode, Wright opens up about her disappointments in playing Ginny in Harry Potter. She reveals several aspects of the character from the books that she would have wanted to further explore in the movies, which includes more time devoted to developing Ginny and Harry’s romance. Read her full quote below:

So many things. Hard development with her relationship with Harry. In the book, there were these kinds of a lot of little moments that build up to it and give it reason. So just those nuanced moments of their relationship developing would have been great. I also feel like there were many more scenes showing this kind of confidence of her, which is with the Dumbledore one or loads of quidditch she was in, tons of professional quidditch players in her later life, so I think they would have helped.

Why Harry Potter Didn’t Get To Focus Much On Ginny

As Ron Weasley’s younger sister, Ginny was featured sporadically in the first few installments of the franchise. The attraction between her and Harry was not immediate, with the boy wizard originally smitten with Cho Chang in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Eventually, however, he started developing feelings for the young Weasley, but even then, their relationship was a slow burn, and chances are that it was because of everything else happening in the film series at that point.

Although the Harry Potter movie adaptations have been generally beloved, it was impossible to translate every single detail from the books to the big screen. The limited runtime meant that Warner Bros. had to cherry-pick the most important elements of the novels for their films. Aside from Harry’s personal heroic story, his primary relationship in the franchise was his friendship with Ron and Hermione Granger, so the projects devoted most of their focus to that.

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Wright’s disappointment is shared by many who loved Ginny and Harry’s romance in the books. Admittedly, the pair’s love story was one severely overlooked in the movies. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to argue with the creative route that Warner Bros. took for the Harry Potter franchise, given the general reception to the movies.

Source: Inside of You

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