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Harry Potter Director Definitively Addresses Potential TV Show Return-TGN


  • David Yates, director of seven Harry Potter films, definitively states that he has no interest in being involved in the upcoming TV adaptation.
  • The Harry Potter TV show was announced earlier this year, with Max promising a “faithful” adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s novels.
  • The series will feature an entirely new cast and is expected to run for at least seven seasons, one for each of Rowling’s books.



Harry Potter director David Yates comments on whether he will be returning in any capacity for the announced TV remake. Based on the beloved novels by controversial author J.K. Rowling, the first Harry Potter in 2001 spawned a series of popular sequels and spinoffs. With the main saga having concluded back in 2011, Max announced earlier this year that a TV show adaptation of Rowling’s book was in development.

As news on the announced Harry Potter TV show remains hard to come by, Yates, who directed seven movies in the franchise, was asked during a recent interview with ComicBook.com whether he will be lending his talents to the Max original. Although it sounds like the director still has a fondness for his time spent working on the franchise, he very definitively shuts the door on a return for the new adaptation. Check out Yates’ full comment below:

“Do you know what? Honestly, I could not, in any conceivable way, get involved. It’s simply: I spent a long time at that school, in those corridors and in those classrooms, and it was an exquisite experience and one I will always treasure. But to go back and do another year or two, for me, I feel I’ve left it. Being in the back of a van with (producer) Lawrence (Grey) in Atlanta of Savannah, hoofing it to try and make a drama, to me, at the moment, is more compelling than going through the hallowed gates of Hogwarts.”

“I wish that show so well, it’s gonna be amazing to see them re-explore all it can be for the next generation. I think it’ll be a challenge for everyone involved, but it’s a very exciting enterprise and I wish it well. It was an amazing experience for me, and I know the other filmmakers who were involved, and it will be for the next generation of filmmakers.”

What To Expect From The Harry Potter TV Show

Harry, Ron, and Hermione pose with members of Dumbledore's Army in Harry Potter 5.

The Harry Potter TV show was announced this past spring, with Max promising a “faithful” adaptation of Rowling’s novels. Each season of the show is expected to adapt one novel, presumably meaning the show is intended to run for seven season in total. The announcement followed the poor box office performance of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore and subsequent question marks regarding the franchise’s future.

While Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson brought Harry, Ron, and Hermione to life across the eight films, the Harry Potter TV show cast is expected to feature an entirely new roster of talent. Radcliffe previously commented on whether he would be interested in having a cameo in the show, making fairly clear that he’s happy to pass the torch to new actors and not be involved.

As far as a potential release date goes, it’s likely that the Harry Potter TV show is still a few years away from actually releasing on Max. The WGA strike that began this past May would have seen development work on the show pause and, even though the writers’ strike is now over, it’s not clear if the show is at the script stage yet. While many questions remain about the Harry Potter TV show, it’s now clear that at least one major creative force from the movies won’t be involved.

Source: ComicBook.com

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