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Alleged Harry Potter Wand Injury Sparks $8M+ Warner Bros. Lawsuit-TGN


  • Warner Bros. faces an $8 million lawsuit after a toddler was allegedly injured by a defective Harry Potter wand, causing severe damage to his eyeball.
  • The mother claims that Warner Bros. should have known about the risk, as other customers have reported similar issues with the wand.
  • The lawsuit could impact Warner Bros.’ reputation and future sales of Harry Potter-related products and content, including the upcoming HBO series.



An alleged wand-related injury from Harry Potter incites a multimillion-dollar lawsuit with Warner Bros. Though one of the most successful franchises of all time, Harry Potter has run up against massive controversy in recent years. These controversies stem most notably from contentious statements from Hogwarts creator JK Rowling, but have recently expanded to include claims of unfair working conditions from former Harry Potter extras.

Harry Potter delves further into controversy as an alleged wand injury puts Warner Bros. in an $8 million lawsuit. According to TMZ, mother Jessica Perry is suing the company after a replica Harry Potter wand she bought injured her toddler’s eye. According to Perry, her older son was waving the wand around when a metal piece spontaneously ejected from the toy and flew into her 3-year-old son’s eye, injuring his retina.

The Harry Potter Wand Lawsuit Explained

Daniel Radcliffe holding a wand as Harry Potter.

In her claims, Perry reportedly cites the wand as being “defective.” She says that Warner Bros. should have known about this risk, for at least another review on the website claims similar issues. In her son’s case, the metal from the Harry Potter wand ended up causing such severe damage, Perry claims, rupturing his eyeball and nearly blinding him. Perry said that, even after a recovery process involving eye surgeries and painful eye drops, her son will still have to proceed with caution to avoid future retinal damage.

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After this alleged unfortunate Harry Potter wand incident, Perry is suing Warner Bros. She has put this price point at $8 million. This whopping amount will cover compensatory damages for her son’s physical injuries and emotional distress, in addition to punitive damages.

Warner Bros. has hundreds of Harry Potter-related products on the market, including everything from puzzles, LEGO sets, and wands with varying reputations of puncturing eyeballs. Depending on its result, the lawsuit could be a bad look for Warner Bros. as they hope to excite Harry Potter fans about products and upcoming content such as the Harry Potter HBO series.

Source: TMZ

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