Harsha Bhogle Hits Back At A Fan For Trolling Him On A Mistake In His Tweet-TGN

Renowned commentator Harsha Bhogle didn’t hold back any punches when a fan tried to troll him for his mistake in one of his tweets on Tuesday evening during the South Africa vs Netherlands game in Dharamsala.

In his original tweet, Harsha Bhogle was praising the Netherlands for their memorable win over South Africa at the HPCA Stadium in Dharamsala as it further sparked up the World Cup 2023 points table. However, instead of the Netherlands, Harsha Bhogle mistyped it as Scotland.

He didn’t realize his mistake for a while and left it as it is. After some time, Bhogle deleted his tweet with Scotland in it and wrote a new tweet with the Netherlands in it.

Until that time, fans started trolling Bhogle for his mistake. One fan even said Harsha Bhogle might have been smoking something!

“Kaun sa charash phukte ho Bhogle saab” a fan tweeted, trying to be cheeky with Bhogle.

Harsha Bhogle hits back at a troll with perfect response

But, Harsha Bhogle, who has never been rude or harsh with any of the fans on social media and always presents a polite response, once again very graciously replied to this troller, and in turn, hit back with a clever response. He admitted his mistake in his previous tweet (of typing Scotland instead of Netherlands), and added that the troller too could make a mistake someday, without smoking anything.

Harsha Bhogle replied: “Ghalati hui. Buraai to nahi ki kisiki, mazaak to nahi udaaya. Ekhaad din aap se bhi ho sakti hai, shaayad…… hopefully baghair kuch cheez phoonke…..Relax.”

Fans appreciated Bhogle for his amiable response and applauded him for owning up to his mistake in his previous tweet, which he then deleted.

Harsha Bhogle Hits Back At A Fan For Trolling Him On A Mistake In His Tweet-TGN

In a historic victory, the Netherlands defeated the Proteas by 38 runs. This upset came just a couple of days after Afghanistan’s historic victory over England, the defending champions, in Delhi.

On these memorable wins, Bhogle tweeted: “Afghanistan and now the Netherlands. The world is getting closer and that is wonderful for our game. Cannot stop admiring the Dutch @KNCBcricket who did it the hard way in the qualifiers and are now making an impact here.”

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