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Matthew Lillard Learns A New Knife Trick In Heroes’ Feast Clip (EXCLUSIVE)-TGN

Matthew Lillard Learns A New Knife Trick In Heroes' Feast Clip (EXCLUSIVE)-TGN


  • Heroes’ Feast is a new cooking show on the Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures FAST channel featuring Chef Mike Haracz and Sujata Day whipping up recipes from the official Dungeons & Dragons cookbook, along with special guests.
  • Encounter Party and Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! are two new actual-play series on the channel, offering exciting adventures and hilarious antics for Dungeons & Dragons fans.
  • In a clip from Heroes’ Feast, Matthew Lillard helps prepare a beer margarita called Tasha’s Caustic Brew, with the hosts showcasing their cooking skills.



Screen Rant is thrilled to present an exclusive clip from the new series Heroes’ Feast, debuting on the brand new Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures FAST channel, available on Amazon Freevee, and Plex. Dungeons & Dragons fans will have three new original programs to enjoy with Heroes’ Feast, a cooking show that welcomes everyone to their table. In each episode, the hosts, Chef Mike Haracz and Sujata Day, whip up a recipe from the official Dungeons & Dragons cookbook, Heroes’ Feast, along with a guest or two. The channel will also premiere two new actual-play Dungeons & Dragons series, each with hour-long episodes.

Encounter Party takes the beloved podcast into a new format, with the original cast returning along with Khary Payton, a new addition to the party, for an exciting new adventure. The series kicks off a new campaign, so fans old and new can enjoy this raucous crew of adventurers. Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! is the other actual play series, but this isn’t the usual adventure fans may expect. Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! features a new Dungeon Master and cast in each episode, with the cast always playing level one characters who face off against an incredibly powerful monster. With those impossible odds, each episode ends in tragedy for the heroes, but the ride to get there is full of laughs and ridiculous antics.

More About Heroes’ Feast

In Screen Rant’s exclusive clip from Heroes’ Feast, it’s cocktail time! Each episode not only includes a new recipe but also a new cocktail. In the clip, Matthew Lillard, one of the creators of Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill!, excitedly helps Chef Mike and Day prepare a beer margarita, or, as Day dubs it, a beerita. As Lillard is attempting to open a bottle of beer, Chef Mike jumps in to show him and the audience how to open it with the back of his knife. This cocktail is a home brew, not part of the Heroes’ Feast cookbook, and is called Tasha’s Caustic Brew.

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Lillard is full of energy in this clip, adding humor to an already fun show. The Heroes’ Feast hosts incorporate not only new skills and recipes for the audience to learn in each episode; they also integrate gameplay into the show. This includes competitions between the guests and even a roll of the dice from time to time. Some of the other guests who will be on Heroes’ Feast include Khary Payton, Michelle Nguyen Bradley, Jonah Ray, Freddie Wong, Anjali Bhimani, and Aabria Iyengar.

Dungeons & Dragons has grown into a massively popular genre of actual plays, with countless streaming series and podcasts capturing audiences’ attention. Now Wizards of the Coast and eOne are bringing both original and already beloved content to fans with Encounter Party, Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill!, and Heroes’ Feast. Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures will also include the 1980s Dungeons & Dragons animated series, Rivals of Waterdeep, High Rollers, DesiQuest, and much more.

The Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures FAST channel debuts on Amazon Freevee and Plex the week of November 13 with new episodes of Heroes’ Feast every Monday and Wednesday at 9 p.m. Easter and Pacific.

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