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Under-The-Radar 2020 Drama Movie Becomes Global Netflix Hit-TGN


  • Independent drama Herself gains newfound success on Netflix’s global top 10 three years after its release, surprising viewers with its low-profile cast and team.
  • The movie’s themes, similar to Netflix’s hit miniseries Maid, likely resonate with audiences, potentially contributing to its popularity.
  • Despite its smaller scale, Herself‘s accomplished director, Phyllida Lloyd, adds credibility to the movie and attracts attention from Netflix viewers.



The independent drama, Herself, becomes a Netflix hit three years after its release. The 2020 drama is about a woman who escapes her abusive husband and decides to build her own home after struggling to find housing for her and her children. Herself is directed by Phyllida Lloyd and stars Clare Dunne, Molly McCann, Ruby Rose O’Hara, and Ian Lloyd Anderson.

Three years after its release, Herself experienced a newfound success on Netflix‘s global top 10. The drama squeaked its way into the no. 10 slot, with 4.1 million views during the week of October 30 to November 5. Topping the charts were Locked In (no. 1), Pain Hustlers (no. 2), and Cold Pursuit (no. 3), with 17.8 million, 15.2 million, and 8.8 million views, respectively.

Why Is Herself Receiving A Comeback Now?

Given its low-profile cast and team, Herself is a surprising pick for the Netflix Global top 10. During its time in theaters, Herself only grossed $779k at the global box office. While making the Netflix Global Top 10 after such paltry box office earnings is not unheard of for the Netflix Top 10, it is odd to see these types of movies make their way into the top 10.

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It is not entirely unsurprising that the movie would be a sleeper hit among Netflix viewers. Though not the same plot, Netflix’s hit miniseries Maid, which debuted in 2021, focused on similar themes of navigating housing in a case of domestic abuse. Maid was a critical darling and a popular show on Netflix, so Herself’s viewers may overlap with that audience. Herself also has a respectable Rotten Tomatoes score of 94%, with many critics praising the drama’s handling of the sensitive story and Dunne’s emotional performance.

While the cast is replete with unfamiliar names, Herself is backed by an accomplished director. Director and producer Lloyd is known for making her feature movie debut with the hit 2008 musical Mamma Mia! While Herself is a much smaller-scale movie by the director, it has gained the attention of Netflix viewers and has warranted a spot on the streamer’s Top 10 chart.

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