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Hocus Pocus Director Responds To Allison Witch Theory 30 Years Later-TGN


  • Director Kenny Ortega hints at the possibility of Allison being a witch, expressing that he felt there was a little witch in the character throughout Hocus Pocus.
  • While it is not confirmed that Allison is a witch in the Hocus Pocus canon, her fascination with witches and the supernatural raises the theory.
  • The potential for an Allison-based spinoff series was discussed but never materialized, leaving the question of her witch status unanswered, yet open to future exploration.



Hocus Pocus director Kenny Ortega addresses a theory about one of the movie’s key characters. The core of Hocus Pocus is the Sanderson sisters, three devious witches who come back to life after being executed during the Salem Witch Trials. The supernatural movie also includes human characters who interact with these witches, such as Allison (Vinessa Shaw), who was the love interest of protagonist Max Dennison (Omri Katz). Given Allison’s extensive knowledge about witchcraft, there have been theories that the character could be a witch.

Now, Ortega responds to the fan theory that Allison is actually a witch. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Ortega mentioned that he “did feel the whole time like there was a little witch there.” According to the director, he even thought Allsion’s “bewitching” nature had spin-off potential. Check out the full quote from Ortega below:

“I did feel the whole time that there was a little witch there. I even thought there was potential for a spinoff that was about that, and I had conversations about that many years later at the Disney Channel.”

“I thought she was bewitching as a teenage girl. It was not typical for Max to fall head-over-heels for her. She had a mystical beauty, and she was bewitching.”

Allison Witch Theory In Hocus Pocus’ Legacies Explained

Dani, Allison, and Max look at the spell book in Hocus Pocus

The Hocus Pocus theory references the belief that Allison is not a mere mortal but is a witch herself. This theory stems from Allison’s fascination for witches and the supernatural throughout Hocus Pocus. This idea manifested from moments, including her being “really into witches” and wanting to read Winifred’s spell book. While these elements could be the product of jejune fascination, they also seem close to something a young witch would get involved in.

Allison being a witch is still not officially Hocus Pocus canon. The potential Allison-based spinoff series Ortega mentioned never came to fruition, and Allison did not appear in Hocus Pocus 2. The answers to the Allison theory remained unresolved, although Ortega’s comments may ignite the potential to tackle such an idea in the future.

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The Hocus Pocus witch debate is a shining example of how much the supernatural movie has persisted within the cultural memory. Since its 1993 release, Hocus Pocus garnered a 2022 sequel and a 2023 re-release for its 30th anniversary. With the prospect of Hocus Pocus 3 seeming hopeful, perhaps Allison will finally get the witchy return she deserves.

Source: EW

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