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House Drops All 8 Seasons On New Streaming Platform-TGN


  • House is now available to stream on Hulu, making it the third streaming platform where viewers can watch all 8 seasons of the medical drama.
  • The show stands out for its focus on medical mysteries and draws inspiration from Sherlock Holmes, with its eccentric antisocial main character who struggles with addiction.
  • In addition to its nominations and awards, House‘s standout cast of characters and unique premise make it a classic medical drama that can be enjoyed on any streaming platform.



House now has a new streaming home, with all 8 seasons now available on another streaming platform. The medical drama stars Hugh Laurie as the titular Dr. Gregory House, who solves a new medical mystery in every episode. The show has been available to stream on Prime Video and Peacock, where the series can still be viewed.

However, Entertainment Weekly reports that House‘s multiple streaming homes have expanded to Hulu, where all 8 seasons of the show are now available. This marks the third simultaneous streaming platform for the show. It also means subscribers to its new home can watch the show from beginning to end, joining others in their praise for the classic medical series.

Why House Is A Classic Medical Drama

The most defining aspect of the Laure-led drama is its focus on medical mysteries, making it stand out among series like Grey’s Anatomy and ER. To do this, House pulls from Sherlock Holmes in multiple ways, with the titular character exhibiting similar traits to the famed detective. Some of these characteristics include being an eccentric antisocial person, as well as his struggles with drug addiction throughout the series.

The show has also been nominated for multiple Primetime Emmys, with writer David Shore and director Greg Yaitanes winning respective awards throughout its run. In addition to its accolades, House‘s memorable cast of characters also make it stand out, such as Dr. Eric Foreman (Omar Epps) and Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer). The combination of the show’s writing, directing, and acting alongside a unique premise for the genre make it stand out among all other series like it.

Creator David Shore would later develop another unique medical drama, The Good Doctor, which follows autistic surgeon Freddie Highmore during his career. The series has its own identity, showing just how many different, unique premises medical dramas can have. However, House stands on its own as a classic show whose engaging premise makes it a perfect binge-watch for whichever streaming platform viewers choose.

Shore’s next project, The Good Lawyer, is set to be a unique take on legal dramas.

Source: EW

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