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How I Met Your Mother’s Ted & Future Son Actors Reunite 9 Years After Finale-TGN


  • How I Met Your Mother actors Josh Radnor and David Henrie reunite nearly a decade after the show’s finale, sparking nostalgia among fans.
  • The decision to film the scenes with Ted’s kids early on created controversy as it locked in the ending, despite future story developments.
  • Ted’s children play an active role in the show’s controversial ending, helping him realize his true feelings for Robin and giving their blessing.



How I Met Your Mother actors Josh Radnor and David Henrie have reunited nine years after the popular sitcom’s series finale. Radnor played protagonist Ted Mosby throughout all the adventures he had with his close friends and the search for the love of his life. Henrie played Ted’s son Luke in the future scenes of Ted telling his children the story of how he met their mother, although Ted’s narration in those scenes was voiced by the late Bob Saget.

Henrie shared a post in which he has reunited with Radnor, providing an unexpected reunion of the father and son actors nearly a decade after How I Met Your Mother concluded. Check out the post below:

The picture of the smiling actors reunited is made even better by Henrie’s clever caption “Found my father. Finally.” It is fitting that the reunion is nine years since the series finale, the same span of time that the show enjoyed its extensive run on CBS.

How Ted’s Kids Shaped How I Met Your Mother’s Controversial Ending

The kids from How I Met Your Mother sitting on the couch, looking bored.

All the scenes involving Ted’s kids were filmed during season 1 and at the beginning of season 2, including their conversation with Ted in the series finale. This is why there are more instances of Ted’s kids speaking and reacting to his story in season 1 and beginning of season 2 than there is throughout the rest of the series. Henrie and the actor who played Ted’s daughter, Lyndsy Fonseca, filmed their part of the series finale at the beginning of season 2 to ensure that the ending would be preserved before they aged out of the roles.

Henrie was 17 by the time he completed filming How I Met Your Mother and Fonseca was 19.

This decision proved to be a double-edged sword, making How I Met Your Mother‘s ending controversy impossible to avoid. It meant that Ted’s kids would play an active role in the show’s ending as they help him realize that the story was more about Robin Scherbatsky than it was about their own mother. By helping Ted realize that it’s time to rekindle his relationship with Robin and giving him their blessing to do so, they have agency in the end of the show, and feel like more than just an audience who listened to Ted’s story.

On the other hand, filming the ending so far in advance meant that the show had to commit to this ending, regardless of what occurred in future seasons. The decision to kill the mother (Tracy) and to have Ted continue his love story with Robin was controversial, especially so soon after finally meeting Tracy and seeing her and Ted fall in love. Yet, changing the ending would’ve prevented Ted’s children from playing a meaningful role in the finale, which would’ve been a difficult choice to justify for a series called How I Met Your Mother.

Source: David Henrie/Instagram

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