IND vs SA: Rahul Dravid Breaks Silence On Prasidh Krishna Replacing Hardik Pandya-TGN

In cricket, the unexpected often unfolds, keeping fans and teams alike on their toes. The 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup has been no exception, with its fair share of twists and turns. One of the most significant turns of events has been the untimely injury to Hardik Pandya, a key player for the Indian cricket team. This incident has not only shaken the team’s composition but also led to the inclusion of fast bowler Prasidh Krishna as his replacement.

The drama began in the middle of a group stage clash between India and Bangladesh, when Hardik Pandya, known for his all-round capabilities, suffered an ankle injury while attempting to stop a ball. The moment was marked with gasps from fans worldwide as Pandya writhed in pain on the field.

Pandya’s injury had immediate repercussions for Team India. In the World Cup, he played a crucial role as a genuine all-rounder, offering an excellent balance between batting and bowling. His absence meant that the Indian team had to reevaluate its strategy. Suryakumar Yadav was slotted in at number 6, and Shardul Thakur, usually at number 9, was replaced by Mohammed Shami.

The inclusion of Mohammed Shami in the playing eleven in place of Shardul Thakur turned out to be a masterstroke. Shami showcased sensational form with the ball, emerging as India’s second-highest wicket-taker in the tournament and sixth overall, claiming an astonishing 14 wickets in just three matches. What’s even more remarkable is Shami’s economy rate, which is the best among all bowlers in the competition. He hasn’t conceded even 100 runs yet, making him a standout performer.

While Shami’s remarkable performance undoubtedly bolstered India’s bowling attack, the absence of Hardik Pandya’s all-round skills created a notable imbalance in the team’s lineup. Pandya’s ability to contribute with both bat and ball is a rare commodity. His absence meant that India had to compromise on their batting depth, as Thakur, the replacement for Pandya, is primarily a bowling all-rounder and was slotted at number 8.

In a surprising development, it was announced that Hardik Pandya had been ruled out of the tournament due to his ankle injury. This led to the inclusion of fast bowler Prasidh Krishna in the squad as Pandya’s replacement. The decision to bring in Krishna was an interesting one, as it indicated a change in strategy for Team India.

IND vs SA: Rahul Dravid Breaks Silence On Prasidh Krishna Replacing Hardik Pandya

IND vs SA: Rahul Dravid Breaks Silence On Prasidh Krishna Replacing Hardik Pandya

During a press conference on Saturday, November 4, Rahul Dravid, the head coach of the Indian cricket team, shed light on the decision to call up Prasidh Krishna. Dravid explained that while they initially had reserved for spin and all-rounders, they found themselves in need of an additional fast bowler due to Pandya’s injury. He emphasized that the team had to adapt to this new situation.

Dravid stated, “After Hardik has been injured, we have played with three quicks. In reserves, we had a backup for spin and all-rounder but needed a backup for a fast bowler.” He further added, “Yes, we don’t have the option to have a sixth proper bowler, but we have a wrong-footed inswinger menace whom we can back for a couple of overs. He was close to doing so in the last game with the crowd pushing him to do so. The response of the team and the players has been really good.”

The inclusion of Prasidh Krishna introduces a fresh dynamic to the Indian cricket team. Known for his pace and ability to swing the ball, Krishna is set to play a vital role in India’s fast-bowling contingent. However, India is most probably going to stick with the same line-up that they have been playing in the last few games.

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