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Invincible Season 2 Episode 2 Clip: Shapesmith Messes With The Guardians Of The Globe-TGN


  • Shapesmith returns in season 2 of Invincible, causing trouble for the Guardians of the Globe and particularly targeting Rex Splode.
  • Despite his grand entrance, Shapesmith actually made his first appearance in season 1, disguised as an astronaut on Mars.
  • In the comics, Shapesmith is a Martian who disguises himself as an astronaut and eventually becomes a member of the Guardians of the Globe.



A clip from Invincible season 2, episode 2, highlights Shapesmith messing around with the Guardians of the Globe. After a long wait, Invincible is finally back on Prime Video with its second installment. Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun), the show’s titular Invincible, is still reeling from his bloody and high-stakes confrontation with his father Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons) in the season 1 finale. The same is true for Debbie (Sandra Oh), Omni-Man’s wife, whom he compared to a “pet.” But in Omni-Man’s absence, the story continues with new villains like Angstrom Levy (Sterling K. Brown).

A new clip released on the Invincible Twitter account for season 2, episode 2, showcases the arrival of Shapesmith. The character is voiced by Ben Schwartz, who recurred in Parks and Recreation and voices Sonic the Hedgehog in the 2020s movies.

In the episode, which has the memorable title of “In About Six Hours I Lose My Virginity to A Fish”, Shapesmith gives the Guardians of the Globe a hard time, and he especially provokes Rex Splode (Jason Mantzoukas) but that doesn’t work out well for him.

Shapesmith Has Shown Up In Invincible Before

Despite his grand entrance in the upcoming episode, Shapesmith actually makes his first appearance during season 1, episode 4. The character appears as Invincible is saving astronauts. Given that he’s preoccupied, Invincible doesn’t notice that Shapesmith is leaving Mars and that he’s left behind one of the original astronauts to be infected. A clue to Shapesmith’s identity in the quick scene is that the American flag on his spacesuit is inverted.

In the comics on which Invincible is based, the story of Shapesmith is much the same. He’s a Martian, using his metamorphic abilities to disguise himself as the astronaut Rus Livingston and fight crime. He becomes a member of The Guardians of the Globe eventually, although the Prime Video adaptation seems to give the character a darker edge.

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The character has a rich history, with The Martian at first relaxing on Earth after escaping the planet that he hated. Though he attempts to live as Rus, he realizes he can’t quite manage. Shapesmith eventually comes to decide that he’ll use his powers for good. How that will play out in Invincible season 2, with Shapesmith adopting the appearance and powers of others, adds intrigue to a highly-anticipated return.

Source: Invincible/Twitter

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