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Invincible Season 2 Is An “Expansion Of The Universe,” Says Robert Kirkman-TGN


  • Invincible season 2 will feel much bigger than season 1, with an expansion of the universe and an exploration of new factions, characters, and concepts.
  • Mark’s growth and change as he transitions into adulthood will be a central focus of the overarching story of Invincible.
  • The Coalition of Planets, previously mentioned in season 1, will be featured in season 2, along with other complexities and moral dilemmas in Mark’s Earth-bound tales.



Invincible creator Robert Kirkman explains how season 2 of the animated series will expand its universe into bigger, previously unseen fronts. The Prime Video superhero show is an adaptation of The Walking Dead creator’s Image Comics series that focuses on a teen adjusting to his life as an incredibly powerful superhero. Invincible season 1 premiered in March 2021, with Steven Yeun providing the voice of Mark alongside an all-star cast including Sandra Oh, JK Simmons, Zazie Beetz, Seth Rogen, and Mark Hamill.

With Invincible season 2 set to release on November 3, Kirkman has opened up to Entertainment Weekly about how Mark and his world are set to grow across the new episodes. While season 2 will continue to explore Mark’s growth as both a superhero and a young adult, the universe of Invincible is also set to expand, with new factions, characters, and concepts set to be explored. Check out Kirkman’s full explanation below:

“I think Invincible season 1 is a clear representation of what you’re going to get from this show, but overall season 2 is going to feel much bigger than season 1. The overarching story of Invincible that’ll continue from season to season is about the growth and change that Mark goes through as he moves from a teenager into adulthood… and possibly even into old age. So in season 2, we’ll see him maturing and growing up a little bit.

“Season 2 overall represents an opening of the universe, an expansion of the universe. There were hints of things that are going on in season 1, and we’re actually going to get to see those things. The Coalition of Planets was mentioned in season 1. The Coalition of Planets is something that we’re actually going to see in season 2. And there’s larger things on Earth. There are different factions, different villains, different things happening.”

Invincible Season 2 Will Make Mark’s Universe A More Complicated Place

Invincible Season 2 Great Thaedus

While Mark narrowly survived his fight with his Viltrumite father Omni-Man (Simmons) in the Invincible season 1 ending, his troubles with his father’s world are only beginning. As warned by Allen (Rogen), Nolan’s retreat has marked Earth as a planet of interest for the Viltrumites, and only working with the Coalition of Planets could give Mark a chance to stand up to this invasion. Despite this impending attack, the unknown whereabouts of Omni-Man, and other threats rising, Invincible season 2 is already being set up to make the universe more complex.

As seen in the Invincible season 2 teaser trailer, Peter Cullen will provide the voice of Thaedus, a founder of the Coalition and a Viltrumite himself who defected from the Viltrum Empire after seeing his people’s ways as wrong. Like how Mark intends to stand against the Viltrumite forces, Thaedus shows that not all Viltrumites are truly dedicated to the cause, blurring the lines of what was stated in season 1. Much like how humanity itself has its own complicated, morally dubious arrangements, as seen in the GDA’s secretive alliance with D.A. Sinclair (Ezra Miller), Invincible season 2 will show that the universe continues to be more complex than Mark realizes.

With Kirkman emphasizing how Invincible season 2 will expand the universe further than ever, it will be interesting to see what new corners of this world the show will explore. While the teases for the Coalition of Planets set up the wider universe, the comments about Mark’s Earth-bound tales show that the new episodes will still make sure to strike a balance between his heroic and ordinary lives. Invincible is only getting bigger from here, but it still knows when to take a smaller approach.

Source: EW

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