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Brian Cox Signed Onto James Bond Reality Show Because He Thought It Was The Next 007 Movie-TGN


  • Brian Cox thought he was signing up for the next James Bond movie but instead ended up hosting the reality competition series 007: Road to a Million.
  • While Cox would have made a great James Bond villain, his acting abilities and charisma also make him a suitable choice for the host of the show.
  • 007: Road to a Million features Bond-inspired challenges and offers contestants a chance to win over $1 million, with Cox playing the role of The Controller in complete control of the contestants.



Brian Cox signed on to 007: Road to a Million because he thought it was the next James Bond movie. The 25th Bond film, No Time to Die, was released in theaters in October 2021, marking Daniel Craig’s final portrayal of the British MI6 agent after five films. Since then, Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have been working on recasting the role and rebooting the continuity. Meanwhile, the producers also agreed to make the reality competition series, 007: Road to a Million, hosted by Brian Cox.

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Cox opened up about how he agreed to 007: Road to a Million because he thought it was James Bond 26.

The Succession star excitedly signed on to the project thinking he’d be playing a Bond villain, which he’s wanted to do “for years,” but instead, he ended up hosting a reality competition series. Read Cox’s full comments below:

I thought it was the new James Bond film, so I said, “They’re finally getting me in a James Bond film!” For years, I thought I’d love to be a James Bond villain. It would be really interesting. I thought, “This is my moment!'” But it wasn’t.

Brian Cox Would’ve Been A Great James Bond Villain

Brian Cox as Logan Roy

Cox, who is currently best known as the ruthless Logan Roy from HBO’s Succession, would have been a great choice for a Bond villain. The 007 franchise has a long history of casting esteemed British and Scottish actors, including Sean Connery who was the first actor to play James Bond. Cox is one of the most esteemed Scottish actors alive who, as a classically trained Shakespearean actor, has numerous accolades to his name, including two Laurence Olivier Awards, and was honored with the rank of Commander in the British Empire back in 2003.

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Cox clearly has the acting chops, charisma, and gravitas required to play a great Bond villain. However, these same qualities also make him a suitable choice for host of 007: Road to a Million, a reality series in which contestants compete in an epic global adventure filled with Bond-inspired challenges for a chance at winning over $1 million. Cox takes on the role of The Controller, which isn’t too different from a Bond villain, as he is in complete control of the contestants and gets to revel in their success – or failure.

007: Road to a Million begins streaming on Prime Video on November 10.

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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