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John Wick Anime Confirmed: Keanu Reeves’ Legendary Hitman Gets His Own Anime-TGN


  • John Wick fans can rejoice as an official anime series based on the popular movie franchise is currently in the works, adding to the growing acceptance and popularity of anime adaptations.
  • Director Chad Stahelski expressed his excitement about the project, citing his love for Japanese media as a key motivation. The anime format offers endless possibilities for exploring the action-packed world of John Wick without limits on fight sequences and creativity.
  • The John Wick anime is a dream come true for action enthusiasts, combining the legendary hitman’s thrilling adventures with the unparalleled creativity and high-octane action sequences that anime studios are known for. This development highlights the evolving landscape of anime adaptations in the entertainment industry.



An official John Wick anime is in production according to recent comments made by series director Chad Stahelski. Anime has had an incredible surge in popularity over the past years, and more companies outside of Japan want a piece of the cake. From video games, live-action movies, T.V. series, and comic books, many different mediums are being made into anime, which speaks to the growing acceptance of anime.

The massively popular movie franchise John Wick starring Keanu Reeves has just come off a successful fourth installment of the series and has been confirmed for a fifth movie. In the meantime, an anime series based on the movies has just been confirmed, and fans couldn’t be more excited.

In a blockbuster unofficial announcement by the director of the movie franchise, Chad Stahelski, a John Wick anime has been confirmed to be in the works. In an episode of the Discourse Podcast, the director shared his love for the Japanese media and said that he is excited to be taking on the project.

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John Wick Is The Perfect Series To Be Adapted Into An Anime

Keanu Reeves holding a gun up in John Wick

In a lengthy discussion regarding the future of the project, the stunt performer-turned-director said that in addition to a TV show being made with the help of Lionsgate, an anime series is being produced. Although he didn’t get into the specifics of the anime, he expressed his excitement and the possibilities that only an anime would be able to explore. His main motivation for taking on both projects was his lack of involvement in The Continental, a series based in the world of John Wick.

The full podcast episode hasn’t been released yet, so there’s the possibility that he shared more about the anime, so stay up to date with Screenrant for up-to-date information.

Although there are many details about the John Wick anime project that are still unknown, fans are already expressing their excitement about it online. John Wick, with his legendary status as a hitman and his thrilling adventures, is a dream come true for action enthusiasts. One of the biggest advantages of anime is that there are no limits to how unrealistic the fights can be, as the characters can be drawn in any position and motion. This freedom of creativity has given birth to some of the best action sequences in animation history. Considering the high-octane action scenes in John Wick and the boundless creativity of anime studios, the John Wick anime is definitely a must-watch for anyone who appreciates thrilling violence.

So we’re really looking forward to that; we’re really excited about it because we’re doing that and a Japanese anime because I love Japanese anime so much

It’s amazing how much anime has evolved over the years, as evidenced by recent news. Western productions like Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad Isekai and Netflix’s Devil May Cry have been given the green light to be adapted into anime. The John Wick anime is the latest addition to this trend, and it’s just the beginning as anime continues to make its mark in the entertainment industry.

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  • John Wick Anime Confirmed: Keanu Reeves' Legendary Hitman Gets His Own Anime-TGN

    John Wick

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    Chad Stahelski

    Michael Nyqvist, Willem Dafoe, Jason Isaacs, Keanu Reeves, Bridget Moynahan, Adrianne Palicki


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    A former hitman is pursued by an old friend who was contracted by a crime boss to kill him.

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