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The Continental: Why John Wick Prequel Director Fought To Shorten The Action Scenes-TGN


  • The Continental’s episode director wanted shorter action scenes to avoid action fatigue and leave the audience wanting more.
  • The upcoming John Wick prequel series will have action scenes that are shorter but still intense and memorable.
  • The miniseries will need to effectively use its budget and runtime to make each action scene purposeful and impactful.



The Continental episode director Albert Hughes and action director Larnell Stovall have opened up about why Hughes fought for shorter action scenes in the upcoming John Wick prequel series. The three-episode miniseries follows a young Winston Scott (Colin Woodell) prior to running New York’s Continental hotel. Hughes directs episodes 1 and 3 in the upcoming action series.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Hughes and Stovall explained why Hughes wanted shorter actions sequences in The Continental. The pair discuss the importance of having action scenes that are both satisfying and leave the audience wanting to see more as the show progresses. Check out what Hughes and Stovall had to say below:

Stovall: This is our intro into the world of The Continental, this is our first big action sequence. We knew that this may affect the audience’s anticipation for whatever comes up in the future by how well we nail this one. The main thing from Albert was filming style and length. Albert is a big fan of not overstaying your welcome, because you want to leave people wanting more.

Hughes: That was the big thing. I didn’t want to run into the problem of action fatigue. That was a constant creative ebb and flow with Larnell, God bless him. I would always see these stunt (visualizations) and go, ‘Goddamn it Larnell! It’s a one-page scene and this scene’s going on for six minutes that you’re showing me!’

What To Expect From The Continental Series

A young Winston aiming a gun in The Continental

The upcoming John Wick prequel sees Winston forced to track down his brother for taking something extremely important from the Continental. He’s forced to do so by the hotel’s owner, Cormac (Mel Gibson), who threatens him and his brother’s lives if he can’t get the job done. The Continental trailer shows Winston decide to take on the Continental himself, rounding up a team of assassins to bring Cormac down.

Hughes and Stovall’s comments indicate every action scene in the prequel miniseries will have a purpose, even if they’re not as long as ones in John Wick. This makes sense for a TV format, which would need to make effective use of a smaller budget and longer runtime. It also makes the action feel earned when it happens, since the entire miniseries won’t be made up of assassinations and explosions.

Even so, the John Wick universe is defined by its action. Whenever characters in The Continental get involved in action sequences, they will have to be memorable enough to justify their shorter length. Given how dedicated Hughes and Stovall are to the show’s presentation, there’s no doubt the action in the show will be just as intense as scenes from John Wick.

Source: EW

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