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Kevin Feige Confirms His Star Wars Movie Has Been Canceled-TGN

A Kevin Feige-produced Star Wars movie has been long-rumored, yet the Marvel Studios President has finally confirmed the project’s grim fate.


  • Kevin Feige has confirmed that the rumored Star Wars movie he was supposed to produce is not happening, putting an end to years of endless speculation.
  • The conflicting reports about the project’s status and the involvement of writer Michael Waldron and directing duo the Russo Brothers added to the confusion surrounding the Star Wars movie.
  • Feige’s main focus remains on Marvel, as he is currently dealing with various issues within Marvel Studios and is dedicated to rectifying them, making it unlikely for him to split his attention with a Star Wars project.



A Star Wars movie produced by Kevin Feige has been a subject of debate within the franchise, yet the Marvel Studios president has finally confirmed the project’s ill fate. The rumors of this project first surfaced in 2019 with Michael Waldron being hired to write the screenplay. Despite Waldron confirming that the film was going ahead, the script was coming along nicely, and the story would be separate from the Skywalker Saga, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy has since denied the film ever entered production. These conflicting reports muddied the waters on whether Feige was ever planning an upcoming Star Wars movie, something that has now finally been confirmed.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight during the premiere of The Marvels, Feige was asked about the state of his supposed Star Wars movie. When prompted about whether a Star Wars movie is happening, Feige humorously deflects the question with “Any Star Wars movie?” before being backed into a corner about his specific rumored production. Feige then simply replies “No.” with a wry smile, finally confirming the fate of a long-rumored, confusing section of Star Wars‘ movie production.

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Feige Probably Has Too Much Going On With Marvel Right Now

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While the idea of a Kevin Feige-produced Star Wars movie is enticing, it makes sense that the project is no longer happening. In light of a damning Variety report outlining the many issues with Marvel Studios of late, it is to be expected that Feige is putting his sole focus into righting the MCU ship. With a planned overhaul of Marvel Studios’ entire TV division being confirmed among the controversial state of Jonathan Majors’ future MCU role and other production problems, the MCU is in dire need of the ever-present creative mind of Feige.

As such, splitting his focus between Star Wars and Marvel would likely be too much for Feige. Given that the latter is a franchise to which Feige has dedicated so much of his professional career, it stands to reason that he would focus entirely on rectifying the various issues it faces as opposed to swapping to another Disney subsidiary. While this may be disappointing to Star Wars fans, MCU audiences may be able to rest easier knowing Feige’s commitment remains concretely within the world of superheroes rather than distant sci-fi galaxies.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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