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On this significant day, we gather to celebrate the 35th birthday of Virat Kohli, the cricket sensation who has captured the hearts of millions with his incredible talent, leadership, and unwavering dedication to the sport. As Virat Kohli stands at the forefront of Indian cricket, currently representing his nation in the 2023 World Cup, his birthday coincides with a pivotal match against South Africa at the iconic Eden Gardens in Kolkata. The world is eagerly watching as Kohli strives to achieve his 49th ODI hundred, a feat that would equal the legendary Sachin Tendulkar’s record.

Notably, this special day is made even more magical by the presence of Anushka Sharma, the renowned Bollywood actress and Kohli’s beloved wife. Anushka took to social media to share a delightful and quirky tribute to her husband, reminding us of the couple’s enduring love and playful spirit. In a heartfelt post, she highlighted one of Kohli’s lesser-known talents – his prowess as a medium-paced bowler.

While Virat Kohli is primarily celebrated for his exceptional batting skills, few are aware of his hidden talent as a bowler. Although he may not pose a significant threat to opposing batters, he takes immense pride in his bowling skills. One remarkable instance stands out in the memory of cricket fans worldwide, showcasing his unique record in the bowling department.

In a T20 International (T20I) match in 2011, Kohli was unexpectedly given the ball to bowl for the very first time. In a surprising turn of events, he managed to secure a wicket off the zeroth ball he bowled. This extraordinary achievement made Kohli the only cricketer in the world to achieve such a remarkable feat.

During that unforgettable match, Virat Kohli bowled a wide, and the wicketkeeper, MS Dhoni, exhibited lightning-fast reflexes, executing a stumping that left the English batter Kevin Pietersen astounded. Kohli had taken a wicket without technically delivering a legitimate ball – a testament to his agility and presence of mind.

In her touching Instagram post, Anushka Sharma lovingly described her husband as a man who excels in every aspect of his life. She marveled at how he continues to achieve unique feats, even in unconventional areas like bowling. Her message was not only a birthday wish but also an expression of her unwavering love and admiration for Virat Kohli.

Kevin Pietersen, the English cricketer who experienced Kohli’s unorthodox wicket-taking prowess firsthand, responded to Anushka Sharma’s Instagram post. He humorously suggested that the caption for the post should be, “Thank you for always looking out for my husband.” Pietersen’s comment added a lighthearted touch to the celebration, showing the camaraderie between cricket legends.

Kevin Pietersen Hilariously Responds To Anushka Sharma’s Birthday Wish For Virat Kohli

Kevin Pietersen Responds To Anushka Sharma's Birthday Wish For Virat Kohli
Kevin Pietersen Responds To Anushka Sharma’s Birthday Wish For Virat Kohli

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