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King Of The Hill’s Bobby Cosplays As Almost Everything In Pop Culture In Video-TGN


  • King of the Hill’s Bobby cosplays as various pop culture icons in art by nothinghappenedtoday.
  • Bobby Hill cosplays as 64 characters, including Wanda, Vision, Wonder Woman, Star Trek characters, and WWE legend The Ultimate Warrior.



King of the Hill‘s Bobby cosplays as just about everything in pop culture. With a revival of the popular animated series on the way to television screens, there has been a reexamination of the legacy that King of the Hill left behind. The series is regarded as one of the best animated shows of all time, building a loyal following and having a continued presence thanks to its distinct characters and memorable scenes.

With the comedy’s theme song playing as the background music, creative art by nothinghappenedtoday imagines Bobby Hill cosplaying as different pop culture icons.

It might be difficult to spot the 64 different characters that Bobby is dressed as in the first few tries since the video moves so fast, but some highlights see the King of the Hill character dressed as Wanda, Vision, Wonder Woman, Star Trek characters and WWE legend The Ultimate Warrior. Throughout all of it, Bobby’s vaguely sad expression doesn’t shift.

Hank on a lawnmower with his family in King of the Hill

Bobby is a couch potato in the original, tending to be glued to the television. That comes in handy during King of the Hill‘s season 8 episode, “Stressed for Success.” Originally airing in 2004, the episode sees Bobby joining his school’s Quiz Bowl team thanks to his extensive knowledge of pop culture. His over-confident approach ultimately leads him to falter under pressure, though.

His nerves are illustrated in a cool scene that features a special guest. An anxious Bobby stops near a television display. Some screens are playing an episode of Friends, while others are playing Die Hard and a Kelly Clarkson music video. Clarkson, voicing herself, introduces herself as the first-ever American Idol and bombards Bobby with interconnected pop culture trivia. He passes out eventually, but the scene includes some celebrities drawn in the show’s animation style that include Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Tom Hanks.

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It’s almost a certainty that the King of the Hill revival will have something to say about recent pop culture trends like the rise of superhero movies and the increase in reboots and revivals, potentially commenting on itself in the process. Futurama and Clone High have done that cleverly, and it’s hard to imagine the series resisting that trend.

Source: nothinghappenedtoday/Instagram

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