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Matthew Vaughn Reveals Which New Era He Wants To Explore In The Kingsman (EXCLUSIVE)-TGN


  • Matthew Vaughn plans to explore the rise of Hitler and the English aristocracy’s role in helping him come to power in The Traitor King.
  • The Kingsman franchise may continue to explore different eras, with the possibility of a 60s-set film that would bring a fresh and fun vibe to the series.
  • The Kingsman’s impact on history and its evolution as an organization could be further explored, potentially incorporating the aftermath of World War II and the challenges of the Cold War era.



Matthew Vaughn discusses the sequel to The King’s Man and a new era he wants to explore within the Kingsman franchise. Kingsman began in the modern era, following Eggsy as he is recruited into the Kingsman organization by Harry, who becomes his mentor, and finds his place in the world. The franchise grew with The King’s Man, a prequel that dove into the creation of the Kingsman Agency during World War I.

In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant at New York Comic Con, Vaughn discussed The King’s Man sequel and which era he wants to explore in the Kingsman franchise next. He shared the plot and title of the next King’s Man movie, which ties directly into the post-credit scene. Vaughn also revealed which era he hopes to explore next with the franchise. Check out Vaughn’s full quote below:

Matthew Vaughn: Yeah, I mean, we’ve written—we call it Kingsman: The Traitor King—which is about the rise of Hitler and how the English aristocracy helped Hitler come to power. We think it’s a piece of history that should be told properly.

And I love the idea of doing a Kingsman set in the 60s; I just think that would be fun and just different.

Exploring Kingsman Through The Decades

Colin Firth wearing a suit in Kingsman The Secret Service

The King’s Man opened the door to the history of the Kingsman Agency through the decades. While it began in World War I, the new movie showing Hitler’s rise to power could skip forward, closer to or leading right up to World War II. This could show how much the organization has evolved since its inception.

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The King’s Man sequel will undoubtedly open the door to more stories about the Kingsman in the aftermath of World War II. Vaughn could track the evolution of the Kingsman through the decades, showing how they’ve impacted the world during some of the biggest moments in history. It’s also possible that Vaughn could focus on the era itself, with new characters introduced in each movie while bringing in a returning character in a more mentor-style capacity or in a position like Arthur or Merlin.

Kingsman’s goal is to prevent war, but that isn’t always possible. Assuming The King’s Man sequel follows true historical events, they will fail when a second world war breaks out. However, it is also possible that Vaughn could move past this into the Cold War, where the Kingsman would have to deal with other covert agencies. He could also lean into moments of triumph in history and make the Kingsman part of the victory in some capacity. The 1960s are the perfect era for the Kingsman with their gadgets, the rise in popularity of spies in the media, and a new era of fashion for the suits they make.

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