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LEGO Jurassic Park Special Announced By Peacock, Poster Teases OG Character’s Return -TGN


  • Isla Nublar will be transformed into LEGO form in a new animated Jurassic Park special, reimagining Steven Spielberg’s iconic film.
  • The upcoming LEGO Jurassic Park special may deviate from past formulas and cater to both young and old viewers with a comedic twist.
  • With an older Ian Malcolm potentially narrating and LEGO’s signature humor, the special promises a unique celebration of Jurassic Park’s enduring cultural impact.

Isla Nublar is set to receive a makeover in LEGO form, as Peacock announces a new LEGO Jurassic Park animated special. Steven Spielberg’s 1993 feature film adaptation of Michael Crichton’s novel of the same name followed a group of pre-historic experts fighting to survive when a wealthy industrialist’s theme park centered on cloned dinosaurs is sabotaged, leading to deadly species causing chaos across the facility. Spielberg’s highly celebrated movie not only spawned a large franchise, but remains incredibly significant in cinema history on a technical level.

Following audiences revisiting Jurassic Park during its latest theatrical rerelease for its 30th anniversary, Peacock announced through their Twitter account that the iconic film will be reimagined in LEGO brick form later this year.

While an official title wasn’t revealed, the promotional artwork features the tagline “The Unofficial Retelling” alongside a LEGO recreation of the Jurassic Park logo. True to previous LEGO specials’ sense of humor, however, the logo has fallen apart alongside an older Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) Minifigure and a play on one of the mathematician’s most referenced lines from the original movie.

How Will The LEGO Jurassic Park Special Retell One Of Spielberg’s Most Iconic Movies?

LEGO and Jurassic Park have a surprisingly well-established history together, as the Danish toy company created sets inspired by the 2001 sequel, Jurassic Park III, in their LEGO Studios toy line. The partnership would go a step further in 2015 with the release of Jurassic World. LEGO produced sets inspired by the three Jurassic World movies and a video game that revisited the franchise’s first three installments. LEGO would later release sets based on Jurassic Park.

Previously, there have been animated specials inspired by the Jurassic franchise made for primarily younger audiences. However, much like Disney+’s seasonal LEGO Star Wars specials, the upcoming LEGO Jurassic Park feature may deviate from the past formula and aim for a style that can amuse viewers both young and old. With the “Unofficial Retelling” aspect and an older Ian Malcolm at the forefront, the upcoming special could revolve around the character retelling the events of the film with a heavily biased, comedic twist to celebrate the franchise’s recent milestone.

The upcoming LEGO Jurassic Park special could be a perfect celebration of an iconic piece of cinema. No matter whether its creatures were terrifying or awe-inspiring, Jurassic Park has remained with audiences to this day. With both the potentially unique perspective of Malcolm narrating and the typical chaos of LEGO’s style of humor, it will be a unique trip back to Isla Nublar when the special arrives on Peacock.

Source: @peacock/Twitter

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