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Letterkenny Season 12 Video Confirms Hulu Show Ending & Premiere Date-TGN


  • After a successful run, the first teaser for Letterkenny season 12 confirms that the show is coming to an end.
  • The Canadian comedy showcases the lives of the townsfolk in a small Ontario community and their unique friendships across social groups.
  • The teaser for season 12 doesn’t give away much about the story but reveals that the final episodes will premiere on December 26.



After a successful tenure on the streamer, the first Letterkenny season 12 video confirms the Hulu show is ending. The Canadian comedy centers on the townsfolk of the eponymous Ontario community and their various lives, dividing them among the social groups of hicks, drug addicts known as skids, and hockey players, and their unique friendships despite their differences. Created by and starring Jared Keeso and director Jacob Tierney, Hulu acquired the U.S. streaming rights to Letterkenny after season 6, becoming the home for the hit comedy and its spinoff, Shoresy.

Nearly a year after the show’s previous full season debuted, Hulu has released the first Letterkenny season 12 teaser.

The video, as seen above, doesn’t reveal much about the story of the next chapter of the show, simply showing a scantily-clad Katy eyeing the camera as she smokes and walks through a nearby forest. The teaser does, however, confirm that season 12 will be the final season of the hit Hulu comedy, with a December 26 premiere date set for the final episodes.

Letterkenny Season 12 Isn’t The End For The Franchise

Jared Keeso as Wayne drinking in Letterkenny

With 12 seasons under its belt, Letterkenny is coming to a close with an impressive run behind it. Even in comparison to fellow Hulu comedies like How I Met Your Father and Woke, among others, the show became a true sleeper hit for the streamer leading up to its acquisition, thanks in part to its low-budget production, primarily delivering six episodes per season with the same cast and maintaining the same locations. One of the few standouts for a potentially pricier inclusion was Jay Baruchel’s two-episode role in season 5, but even that came before Hulu was backing the show.

The announcement of the hit comedy coming to an end does also come on the heels of Disney announcing plans to assume full ownership of Hulu in 2024 for a pricey $8.6 billion. Shortly thereafter, a Prison Break reboot was revealed to be in the works from Mayans M.C. co-creator Elgin James, as well as two more seasons of the Futurama revival. The decision to produce more of brands they already own in comparison to acquired titles could be a factor for Letterkenny ending, though it’s just as possible that Keeso and Tierney feel the time is right to bring their comedy to a close.

Even with Letterkenny season 12 being the end, it doesn’t entirely mean the franchise is done. Keeso’s spinoff Shoresy, on which Tierney is also a director, has garnered similarly positive reviews as its mothership show, with Hulu even recently renewing it for season 3 ahead of its season 2 premiere, showing continued confidence in the brand, and potentially indicating a bigger focus for its creatives on it over the original. Considering the meaningful development the team puts behind each season thanks to their year-long gaps, fans of the Canadian comedy will likely get a satisfying conclusion to the long-running show.

Letterkenny season 12 is set to begin streaming on Hulu on December 26.

Source: Hulu

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