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Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Cast Update Confirms Major Character Return & 3 New Characters-TGN


  • Jon Tenney will return as Mickey Haller, Sr. in
    The Lincoln Lawyer
    season 3.
  • New recurring characters include Annabeth Stephens (Maisie Klompus), James De Marco (Michael Irby), and David Lyons (Wolé Parks).
  • Filming is underway for the season, based on Michael Connelly’s book
    The Gods of Guilt



A casting update for The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 confirms the return of a major character, alongside three new characters for the upcoming episodes. The new season of the legal drama is based on the fifth book in Michael Connelly’s series of the same name, titled The Gods of Guilt. Filming is currently underway and will include a brief return from Neve Campbell as Maggie, Mickey’s ex-wife.

Now, Deadline reports that Jon Tenney will be coming back to portray Mickey Haller Sr. in The Lincoln Lawyer season 3. Alongside his return, it was announced Maisie Klompus (Good Trouble), Michael Irby (Barry), and Wolé Parks (All American) will have recurring roles. Klompus portrays Giselle Dallinger’s neighbor Annabeth Stephens, Irby is DEA Agent and possible murder suspect James De Marco, and Parks plays David Lyons, the partner of Mickey’s newest client.

What The Lincoln Lawyer’s New Characters Mean For Season 3

With the advent of a new mystery involving one of Mickey’s longtime clients,

The Lincoln Lawyer

season 3 is going to involve one of his most personal cases yet.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 ended with Mickey finding out his friend and former client Glory Days – now going by Giselle Dallinger – was murdered. His new client, Julian La Cosse, was accused of killing her but insists that he is not guilty of the crime. The new characters that have been added to the series seem like they’ll be important parts of the investigation and trial, interacting with Mickey’s team in various ways.

Klompus’ Annabeth is expected to speak with Cisco, with her testimony seemingly being more useful in prosecuting Julian than helping him. As for Irby’s James, he will be a suspect in one of Mickey’s cases, though it’s unclear if it will be Giselle’s murder or another he tackles during the season. Finally, Parks’ David is Julian’s partner, who could end up being important to the case depending on the twists and turns the story takes.


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With the advent of a new mystery involving one of Mickey’s longtime clients, The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 is going to involve one of his most personal cases yet. While he had a relationship with his season 2 client, Lisa, this will be even closer to him because of his former friendship with Glory. How the case plays out remains to be seen – and if Julian is truly innocent of killing her.

The Lincoln Lawyer
season 3

is expected to arrive on Netflix in 2025.

Source: Deadline


The Lincoln Lawyer

Loosely based on novels by Michael Connelly, The Lincoln Lawyer follows recovering addict and criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller. Working out of the back of his Lincoln Navigator, Mickey takes on legal cases in Los Angeles.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo , Neve Campbell , Becki Newton , Angus Sampson , Christopher Gorham

Release Date
May 13, 2022



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