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Little Shop Of Horror’s Audrey 2 Shocking Cosplay Sings Along To The Classic Musical-TGN


  • A cosplayer has created a detailed Audrey II outfit from Little Shop of Horrors and sings along to the iconic musical in the costume.
  • The cosplay highlights the lasting appeal of the 1986 film, as the practical design of Audrey II balances humor and horror.
  • Despite plans for a remake being shelved, Little Shop of Horrors remains a beloved classic with timeless songs that inspire cosplay and nostalgia.

A cosplayer has created a detailed outfit of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, singing along to the classic musical while in the shocking costume. Little Shop of Horrors follows a florist named Seymour who discovers a man-eating plant he names Audrey II after his co-worker. Based on a Broadway musical of the same name, the 1986 film version of the story is regarded as a highly memorable horror comedy and musical.

Now, Rhed has posted a video cosplaying as Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors, which sings along to the soundtrack of the musical.

Rhed uses the highly-detailed jaws of Audrey II to sing along to “Feed Me (Git It)” from the 1986 version of the song as sung by Levi Stubbs. The movement of the cosplay’s mouth underscores how much effort went into creating the outfit.

Why Little Shop Of Horrors Is A Classic Horror Comedy

Rhed’s cosplay shows how, even 37 years after the Rick Moranis-led film came out, the movie still resonates with audiences today. This is in no small part because of Audrey II, whose practical design allows it to be funny and scary at the same time. The film also presents its premise as both horrifying and over-the-top in terms of campiness, appealing to both horror and comedy crowds.

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Due to the film beng so memorable, a Little Shop of Horrors remake starring Taron Egerton as Seymour and Billy Porter as Audrey II began development at Warner Bros. However, the new movie was shelved in September 2022, leaving Moranis and Stubbs’ classic version as the only musical. While this makes it unlikely Audrey II will return to the big screen in the future, it also accentuates just how classic a film the original still is.

With a classic song like “Feed Me (Git It)” still inspiring cosplay decades later, it’s clear the movie will continue to be fondly recalled for many more years to come. It’s also possible other cosplayers take inspiration from Rhed’s work to make Audrey II cosplay of their own. Either way, Little Shop of Horrors has clearly maintained its status as a classic horror comedy film, even after so much time has passed since its release.

Source: Rhed/Instagram

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