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LOTR Characters In Star Wars AI Art Creates Some Truly Epic Lightsabers (& 1 Bizarre Mashup) -TGN


  • An art merges Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, showcasing characters such as Jedi Master Aragorn and Darth Sauron.
  • Lord of the Rings created a detailed fantasy universe, while Star Wars functions as science fiction, making adaptation challenging.
  • Merging the franchises could undermine the foundational legacy of Lord of the Rings, which shaped the entire fantasy genre.



A series of art reimagines The Lord of the Rings characters as if they had been in the Star Wars universe. The two fantastical franchises have produced immense success, having grown out of the imaginations of their respective creators, George Lucas and J. R. R. Tolkien. Both have also secured billions at the box office and serve as tent pole franchises for Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery, respectively, leading to multiple spinoffs.

Ahead of the release of The Rings of Power season 2, Instagram user wouldyou_watchthis used AI to imagine Lord of the Rings characters in the Star Wars universe. The images reveal how the franchises could appropriately merge into a different fantasy world. Check it out below:

The AI-created images feature a Jedi Master Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas, a Padawan Frodo, a Grand Master Gandalf with a truly fascinating lightsaber, and a terrifying Darth Sauron. Gandalf and Sauron are the most stunning additions, as every spark of power translates well to the genre of the Star Wars universe.

Could Lord Of The Rings Work In Science Fiction?

Elijah Wood as Frodo in The Lord of the Rings

In developing Lord of the Rings and its characters, Tolkien created lore that has been dominating the fantasy genre for decades. The depth of Middle-earth is so immense that concepts invented for the universe have worked their way into the popular lexicon. Orcs are now commonly understood fantasy elements, but Tolkien gave the creatures their name and general appearance. With so many classic fantastical ideas premiering in it, the franchise is profoundly linked to fantasy in every way.

The Lord of the Rings movies can be found on Max, while Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is streaming on Prime Video.

Star Wars has many fantasy elements, but it largely functions as science fiction. The characters are constantly located around the galaxy in spaceships and encountering alien races. There are even attempts to explain the Force scientifically through the Midi-chlorians. If the Fellowship and Sauron are to merge with that universe, they will need to adapt to a science fiction-based reality. Gandalf will need lightsabers, Gimli will need blasters, and Sauron can lead the Empire.

Unfortunately, planting the Fellowship in the Star Wars universe cannot properly honor the world that Tolkien created. Tolkien’s franchise is memorable because of how definitive it was for the entire fantasy genre. Nearly every modern fantasy work ties back to Frodo and the Fellowship in some way, and science fiction was defined long before Frodo’s first steps on his long journey. Thus, changing the genre would destroy its foundational legacy. While it can be an exciting reinvention, it is difficult to see how The Lord of the Rings could merge with Star Wars without ruining that important history.

Source: wouldyou_watchthis/Instagram

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