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M3GAN 2 Story Details Teased, Will Tap Into Fear With Real Life Technology-TGN


  • M3GAN 2.0 producer James Wan plans to continue exploring fears surrounding real-life technology in the upcoming sequel, leaning into the AI universe even further.
  • The success of the original film and M3GAN’s survival hints at a unique opportunity for the sequel to break free from common horror tropes and draw inspiration from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • With M3GAN’s consciousness free and the potential for her to create a new, formidable body and control an army of M3GAN drones, the sequel could potentially surpass the achievements of the MCU.



M3GAN 2.0 producer James Wan has teased plans for the upcoming sequel and how it will continue to feed into fears surrounding real-life technology. Currently scheduled to be released in January 2025, M3GAN 2.0 will follow directly on from the monumental success of the original 2022 horror film and will reportedly feature the return of Allison Williams’ Gemma and Violet McGraw’s Cady. With plans for a sequel already in place prior to the first movie’s release, the film’s ending hinted at M3GAN’s consciousness taking over Gemma’s home AI device.

During an interview with Empire Magazine (via Collider), producer and original story co-creator Wan revealed how the first movie arrived at just the right time, coinciding perfectly with the rise in concerns about the use of Artificial Intelligence. He also said that the upcoming M3GAN 2.0 will lean into that even more and explore “the AI universe even further”. Check out his comments below:

It’s early yet, but M3GAN is coming back in a big way. The first film came just at the right time (when concerns about AI were mounting), and we’re definitely leaning into that on the next one. We’re exploring the AI universe even further.

How M3GAN 2.0 Could Reuse A Failed Avengers Plot

Ultron being threatening in Avengers: Age of Ultron

While the original M3GAN movie seemingly managed to hit theaters at just the right moment in time, Hollywood’s latest killer doll was certainly not the only horror character of its kind. Drawing on a long and treasured history of homicidal toys, M3GAN’s AI twist was ultimately just an alternate explanation provided in place of the more supernatural elements that previously animated other famous killer dolls. Even 2019’s Child’s Play reboot featured a similar AI gone wrong storyline when they attempted to reinvent the iconic knife-wielding Chucky.

However, given both the success of the original movie and M3GAN‘s ending hinted at M3GAN’s survival, the upcoming M3GAN sequel has a unique opportunity to break free from common horror tropes and even look to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and one of its own villains for inspiration. While 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron is widely considered to be the lesser of the MCU’s infamous crossover movies, with M3GAN’s consciousness now free of her original body she could easily look to emulate Ultron’s own rogue AI.

Presumably with the internet at her digital fingertips, much like Ultron, M3GAN 2.0‘s villain would most likely be looking to create herself a new body, one far more formidable than her original form. Moreover, with the first movie also hinting at the plans for the original M3GAN doll being stolen and sold to one of the Funki toy company’s competitors, there is also a potential for her to take control of her own army of M3GAN drones. With conversations surrounding the ethics and potential implications of real-life AI currently at the forefront of viewer’s minds, such a story may even prove far more successful than what the MCU was able to accomplish.

M3GAN was a massive box-office success. Earning $181 million on a reported $12 million budget.

Source: Empire Magazine (via Collider)

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