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Jon Hamm Has Intriguing Response To Potential Don Draper Return In A Mad Men Reboot-TGN


  • Jon Hamm is open to the possibility of reprising his role as Don Draper in Mad Men but expresses doubt that revisiting the character may be too much after the satisfying ending of the series.
  • Hamm is currently involved in various other projects, including a lead role in Fargo season 5 and a major supporting role in The Morning Show season 3.
  • While there is nostalgia for Hamm’s portrayal of Draper, the risk of a revival is high and may not be necessary.



Mad Men actor Jon Hamm has an intriguing response when asked if he’d be open to reprising the role of Don Draper. Hamm is returning to television in a big way, with a leading role in one high-profile series, Fargo, and a major supporting role in another, The Morning Show. That’s in addition to his involvement in other upcoming projects, such as the Mean Girls musical. It’s a welcome presence, given that Hamm helped to cultivate Mad Men into a singular series with his indelible performance as Draper.

Speaking with Deadline at an event for Fargo season 5, the actor responds to whether there have been conversations about reviving Mad Men.

Throughout his response, the Emmy-winning actor sounds doubtful of the possibility, but he also leaves the door open to the chance that it could happen. Read his response below:

I mean, I was so very happy, as many people were, and I think Matt was as well, with how satisfying the ending was for Don, that I think to revisit that might be—I don’t know… might be too much. I’m not sure but we don’t really talk about it. It’s not that it’s off limits, but it never comes up. We have families and other things to talk about. So you know, I’m a big believer in never say never, but if it comes up, you know, it would be—there’s a lot of ways to do that. I can’t really confirm or deny it.

Why Jon Hamm’s Mad Men Skepticism Is Right?

The Emmy-winning actor can be seen in a variety of different roles. He’s the antagonist, tech billionaire Paul Marks on The Morning Show season 3, sharing the screen with Jennifer Aniston, among others. He’ll also lead Fargo season 5, playing a cowboy sheriff who looks to be in pursuit of Ted Lasso‘s Juno Temple. That’s in addition to his leading performance in the upcoming Fox comedy Grimsburg and his recently announced collaboration with The Night Agent creator Shawn Ryan for a hostage drama show.

Fargo season 5 debuts November 21. In addition to airing on FX, the episodes can also be streamed on Hulu.

But there’s an understandable nostalgia for Hamm as Draper. That role won him an Emmy and legions of support, as he played a complex character with an undeniable layer of charm. Mad Men‘s ending was perfect for Don, winking and satisfying all at once, and there’s a risk in revisiting that for the sake of capitalizing on a general sense of nostalgia.

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The risk of a revival is even greater because, in general, the trend does not point in a positive direction. Most revivals end or are outright cancelled with little fanfare. Mad Men‘s legacy should remain one of the shows that helped define an era, bowing out and leaving just about everyone remarking on what it accomplished.

Source: Deadline

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