Fans think Nicholas Galitzine has soft-launched his partner on Instagram-TGN

Those in love with Nicholas Galitzine should ready themselves for heart-break, because the Mary & George could be off the market after fans spotted that he may have soft-launched his partner on social media.

In an Instagram Stories post, Nicholas Galitzine shared a photo of two intertwined hands – presumably, one of them is his while the other belongs to a mystery person and possible partner.

The Red, White & Royal Blue star provided no caption or information, but the photo alone has proven enough to leave some love-sick fans gutted.

“My 12-year-old daughter has been crying all day. She’s dreamt of marrying Nicholas since she was a little girl. She is heart-broken,” wrote one person on social media, hopefully in jest.

A second fan declared: “Absolutely nothing changes now that Nicholas is officially dating because I’m the boss of my mind and in there his girlfriend simply doesn’t exist.”

A photo from Nicholas Galitzine's Instagram Stories.
Nicholas Galitzine posted this photo on Instagram. (Instagram/@NicholasGalitzine)

A third wept: “The streets are saying Nicholas Galitzine has a girlfriend and I am devastated, please respect my privacy during this difficult time.”

Others, though, are simply pleased to be free from the shackles of believing they ever stood a chance with the actor, who is soon to be seen as a boyband star who falls for an older woman (played by Anne Hathaway) in Amazon Prime’s The Idea of You.

“Love it when a celeb announces their relationship, like my delusions are gone, we are free,” one person wrote on X/Twitter, while another said: “People acting devastated is actually so funny to me, did you actually think for even one second that Nicholas Galitzine was going to date you?”

A third was a bit more snarky, writing: “Please see a therapist.”

Although Galitzine is possibly best known for playing LGBTQ+ roles – including England’s Prince Henry in Red, White & Royal Blue, and the dangerously charming George Villiers in steamy historical drama Mary & George, where he attracts the attention of 17th-century monarch King James – the actor has said that he is straight.

Last year, he explained how his meteoric rise to fame has made past relationships difficult.

“It’s definitely hard,” he said. “My last couple of girlfriends, I feel we’ve had to go our separate ways essentially because of the travel. People who also work in the industry get it, but the job is definitely not conducive to nourishing relationships.

“Even with my family, it’s really difficult for them to not be able to see me as much as they’d like, because I’m constantly in different countries.

“You find out the people who you are really connected with. I’m one of (those) people who makes the effort to connect. Even if I’m on the other side of the world, if I care about someone, I take the time.”

The Idea of You is due to drop on 2 May.

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