Matthew Hayden Made Fun Of India In The Commentary Box And Sparked A Controversy-TGN

Former Australia batting great Matthew Hayden made a controversial statement in which he mocked the state of the Indian roads.

Matthew Hayden was doing commentary alongside former Pakistan fast bowler Waqar Younis during Pakistan vs Afghanistan match on Monday in Chennai when he made a derogatory and trolling remark about the difficulties one could face when driving or traveling on Indian roads.

Matthew Hayden has visited India numerous times, earlier as an Australian and CSK player and later after retirement as a commentator. So he has spent plenty of time traveling and driving around the Indian roads.

Indians unhappy with Matthew Hayden for his comment about Indian roads

While Hayden is someone who has often praised the beauty of India, his latest remark that the Indian roads are filled with “cars, bikes, goats, buffaloes and carts” has evoked feelings of upsetness and anger among Indians. For someone coming to India and gaining work, it seems unacceptable that Hayden has made such a trolling comment about a country in which he’s made a lot of money.

He even said that people are diving in the same lane, effectively belittling and mocking the brains and smartness of Indians.

Waqar Younis, who was sitting beside Hayden, chimed in with his opinion with his self-deprecating humor, saying that the conditions of roads and the obstacles present on it is same in Pakistan as it is in India.

We have to wait and see whether the BCCI and the broadcaster take any action against Matthew Hayden.

Matthew Hayden Made Fun Of India In The Commentary Box And Sparked A Controversy
Matthew Hayden Made Fun Of India In The Commentary Box And Sparked A Controversy

Meanwhile, Matthew Hayden paid a rich tribute to former India spinner Bishan Singh Bedi, who passed away on Monday, aged 77, in Delhi.

“Behind Allan Border. I think that the great late now Bishan Singh Bedi just had that amazing spirit of the game. He always had this glint of your in his eyes, which kind of kept you on edge. But it also allowed you to benefit from just as beautiful transformation of your own game,” said Hayden.

“He provided so much support to young players. As a young boy, I can remember walking out through this Madras Cricket Club and there was Bishan Bedi here in the middle to discuss, not batting, but the art of spin bowling. A boy from the bush, a boy from Brisbane brought up on green wickets, had no idea how to play spin but Bishan was there,” the Aussie added.

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