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Lisa Kudrow Shares Her Tribute To Friend & Co-Star Matthew Perry-TGN


  • Lisa Kudrow pays tribute to Matthew Perry, her late Friends co-star, on Instagram.
  • Kudrow is the final surviving main cast member to share a tribute.
  • Kudrow thanks Perry for “the best 10 years a person gets to have.”



Friends star Lisa Kudrow has shared a touching tribute to her late co-star Matthew Perry. Kudrow played the offbeat and lovable Phoebe Buffay on the iconic sitcom, opposite Perry’s sarcastic goofball Chandler Bing, as part of an ensemble that also included David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Matt LeBlanc. Perry passed away from an apparent drowning on October 28 in his hot tub at his Los Angeles home.

Lisa Kudrow has taken to Instagram to share her tribute to Matthew Perry. Take a look below:

In her post, Kudrow reminisced about how Perry helped the cast bond, thanking him for many things including “the best 10 years a person gets to have.” While the surviving Friends cast members released a joint statement on October 30 mourning Perry’s loss, they didn’t begin to share individual tributes until LeBlanc posted his on November 14 and was followed within the span of a day by Cox, Aniston, Schwimmer, and now Kudrow, making this tribute the final memorial from the main cast.

Matthew Perry’s Legacy Will Live On

In the weeks since his death, Perry has been memorialized online by many friends, co-stars, and fans. This includes recurring Friends performers and guest stars such as Maggie Wheeler, Morgan Fairchild, Selma Blair, Kathleen Turner, Hank Azaria, and Paget Brewster. However, this post from Kudrow, as the final memorial from the main cast, seems to put a perfect button on the outpouring of love for the late star.

Morgan Fairchild and Kathleen Turner played Chandler’s parents, while Maggie Wheeler played his on-again-off-again girlfriend Janice.

However, Perry’s legacy will carry on far beyond the tributes in the wake of his untimely death. In addition to playing Friends‘ Chandler Bing, Perry held a number of notable roles including starring opposite Bruce Willis in The Whole Nine Yards and its sequel, as well as starring in various shows such as Mr. Sunshine, The Odd Couple, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. His legacy extends far and wide, but perhaps the most impactful effect he had was as an advocate for recovery.

Perry’s 2022 memoir Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing recently allowed the star to share his experience with drug addiction and his efforts to help others in their recovery. These efforts included founding the rehabilitation center Perry House and becoming a National Association of Drug Court Professionals celebrity spokesperson. While his Friends role will always be remembered, his legacy extends far beyond the bounds of a single character.

Source: Lisa Kudrow/Instagram

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