Mohammed Shami Is Not Your Old War-Horse But An Unstoppable Killing Machine-TGN

Mohammed Shami has been in sensational touch in the ongoing World Cup as he has been spewing venom left, right and center. With the ball meandering both ways, Mohammed Shami express pace that ranges up to a good 145 kays has left the opposition in utter disarray as India extended their fine run of form to another majestic display over South Africa.

Despite clinching just a couple of wickets against the Proteas, Mohammed Shami overall tally has now gone up to 16 wickets from just four games that places him in the fourth position in the overall tally. Before the tournament started, there were remarks about how he is now an old horse and he hardly brings much to the table.

Being Shami, knowing him for a while now, he has been proving us wrong for an eternity. He doesn’t hold back. He never held back. He always fought back. No matter how many times you have written him off, Shami is one of those relentless cricketers who would keep on coming back for more.

Whether it’s life or the cricketing yard, Shami is just one of those unstoppable express trains that would wreck you and eventually leave you in pieces when he is bowling with that new ball. There were questions ahead of the tournament that on Indian tracks, why are we not resorting to Bhuvi? Well the answer to that question is Bhuvi may be an amazing bowler but not the beast that Shami is.

With the ball moving in the dying ember of its trail, that tells you how good Shami has been. The kind of accuracy that he has produced is simply mesmerizing. He has been one of those consistent performers in the last two World Cups including this one and the fact that he is now India’s leading wicket-taker makes him the answer to all the questions that India head ahead of the tournament.

With that being said and done, you wanted to know whether we are looking at a war-horse who is old enough? No, we are looking at a killing machine who will be pivotal for India’s World Cup chances.

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