Mohammed Shami Tells Pakistan’s Hasan Raza “Kuch Toh Sharam Karo”-TGN

In the wake of a recent controversy that had cricket enthusiasts buzzing, former Pakistani cricketer Hasan Raza has once again found himself at the center of attention. Just days after causing a stir on social media with his accusations against the ICC and BCCI regarding “suspicious balls” favoring Indian bowlers in the World Cup 2023, Raza made yet another startling statement following India’s remarkable 243-run victory against South Africa in Kolkata.

Raza’s latest claim revolves around the alleged manipulation of the Decision Review System (DRS) by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) throughout the tournament. He asserted that he had spotted one such instance during the Eden Gardens clash, further fueling the debate over the integrity of the World Cup.

The cricketing world, including his compatriot and former cricketer Wasim Akram, didn’t hold back in responding to Raza’s controversial remarks. Akram expressed his desire to have whatever Raza and company were having, as their statements seemed detached from reality. He noted that such accusations not only bring criticism upon those making them but also tarnish the image of their country.

“I want to have the same things these guys are having. Sounds like fun. Because their mind is not there. They get slammed by the world (for such statements) and take us down as well with them,” Akram said on A Sports.

Mohammed Shami Tells Pakistan’s Hasan Raza “Kuch Toh Sharam Karo”

Joining the discussion, India’s premier pacer in the World Cup 2023, Mohammed Shami, took to his Instagram story to respond to Raza’s comments. Shami delivered a straightforward message, urging Pakistan’s experts to exhibit some humility and shift their focus towards their own team’s performance. He emphasized the importance of respecting the achievements of other teams and refraining from casting aspersions on a tournament that is globally recognized, and organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Shami also reminded Raza of his status as a former player, suggesting that he should take the statements of legends like Wasim Akram, a fellow countryman, more seriously. With a touch of sarcasm, he added that Raza seemed more interested in singing his own praises than in heeding the advice of a Pakistani cricket icon.

Mohammed Shami Tells Pakistan’s Hasan Raza “Kuch Toh Sharam Karo”

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