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Godzilla Show Opening Scene Reveals Major Battle Between Monsters In Monsterverse-TGN


  • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is the first live-action TV addition to the Monsterverse, delving into the shadowy organization known as Monarch.
  • The opening scene features an epic battle between a giant spider and a giant crab, as well as the return of John Goodman’s character, Bill Randa.
  • Godzilla will also make an appearance in the show along with other new Titans like Manteclaw and Endoswarmer, as well as mysterious monsters yet to be revealed.



Monarch: Legacy of Monsters‘ opening scene teases one franchise character’s return and features a battle between two Monsterverse monsters. Apple TV+’s Monarch: Legacy of Monsters will be the first live-action TV addition to the Monsterverse. The series will delve into the shadowy organization known as Monarch, which was first introduced in Godzilla (2014). While the major scientific organization claims to study Titans, two siblings will begin probing the organization’s true legacy after learning of their father’s connection to it. While Godzilla is confirmed to appear in the show, he will be joined by more Titans.

Ahead of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters‘ premiere on November 17, IGN dropped the show’s opening scene, which teases that it will be a very monster-centric series. Check out the opening scene below:

In addition to opening with an epic battle between a giant spider and a giant crab, it also sees the return of one familiar face from the franchise—John Goodman’s Bill Randa, who previously appeared in Kong: Skull Island. His presence in the opening scene confirms that it will be his two children who start probing Monarch in order to learn more about his work with the organization.

Which Titans Are Appearing In Monarch: Legacy of Monsters?

Godzilla with Queen Mother Longlegs from Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

As mentioned above, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters‘ trailer confirmed Godzilla’s return in the series. The last time viewers saw the prehistoric alpha predator was in Godzilla vs Kong, in which the two titular Titans battled before working together to defeat the human-made MechaGodzilla. The film sees Godzilla retain his King of the Monsters title, which he earned in the aptly titled Godzilla: King of the Monsters after proving his dominance over many returning Titans, while Kong returned home to rule in the Hollow Earth. So far, the trailers confirm flashbacks of Godzilla in San Francisco, as well as his epic return in a desert-like terrain.

Godzilla isn’t the only Titan in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, though. As the opening scene shows, a new monster named Manteclaw will also appear. This is a giant crab-like creature who breaks out of the ground to attack another Titan, Mother Longlegs. Mother Longlegs is a massive spider terrorizing Goodman before the Manteclaw steps in. The end of the most recent trailer also confirms an appearance from the Endoswarmer—a giant beetle-like creature. In the trailer, one of the characters accidentally causes dozens of Endoswarmer eggs to hatch, sending tons of smaller but still terrifying Titans after them.

Mother Longlegs is the same species as the giant spider glimpsed in Kong: Skull Island and could be Queen Mother Longlegs.

There are also a few mystery monsters appearing in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. Arguably, the most terrifying monster in the trailer is an enormous tentacle-faced Titan that rises from the ice, showing off its sharp teeth with its mouth wide open. Viewers also get a glimpse of another winged Titan seen gliding over the jungle and attacking a ship. While Monarch: Legacy of Monsters focuses on two siblings trying to uncover a mystery, the opening scene promises it will also be very Titan-based, with new and old monsters appearing.

Source: IGN

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