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Nat Geo’s Incredible Animal Journeys Teases Dangerous River Crossing Narrated By Jeremy Renner-TGN

Exclusive: Screen Rant presents a clip from National Geographic’s Incredible Animal Journeys in which zebra attempt to cross a crocodile-filled river.


  • National Geographic’s Incredible Animal Crossings takes viewers on amazing and dangerous journeys undertaken by creatures worldwide.
  • The narration for the series is provided by Jeremy Renner, who is known for his role as Hawkeye.
  • Incredible Animal Journeys showcases the remarkable feats of animals across different biomes and continents, highlighting their survival instincts.



National Geographic’s Incredible Animal Crossings dives into the dangerous and amazing journeys taken by creatures all over the globe. The series explores the massive undertakings attempted by humpback whales, dung beetles, monarch butterflies, and more, across diverse biomes and even spanning continents. Part of what sets Incredible Animal Crossings apart from the best nature documentaries is the series’ narration, which was done by Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner. Incredible Animal Journeys marks Renner’s first time narrating a nature documentary series.

Of course, the natural world is a dangerous place, especially for creatures that aren’t at the top of the food chain. Screen Rant is happy to present a clip from Incredible Animal Crossings, seen above, that showcases the start of a treacherous journey for wildebeest and zebra across crocodile-infested water. Get ready to watch Incredible Animal Crossings when the series premieres November 19th on National Geographic.

Incredible Animal Journeys Helps Prove 2023 Is A Great Year For Nature Documentaries

Incredible Animal Journeys is the latest in a strong string of documentary content across all the biggest streaming platforms. Earlier in 2023, Netflix released Our Planet II, a follow-up to the hit 2020 series, and later dropped the highly ambitious Life on Our Planet. Apple TV followed up its fascinating Prehistoric Planet show with Prehistoric Planet season 2, bringing dinosaurs to life through new science and realistic behavior.

Throughout 2023, National Geographic has also continued to release top-tier work exploring the most exotic creatures and locations on planet Earth. The National Geographic Explorer series has brought teams to island volcanos and frozen crossings in the planet’s most inhospitable biomes. What’s exciting is that while National Geographic’s Explorer series has detailed the difficulty for humans in reaching such places in the name of science, Incredible Animal Crossings puts on display the unbelievable feats accomplished by animals simply in the name of survival.

Incredible Animal Crossings premieres November 19th on National Geographic.

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