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Tim Burton’s Halloween Classic Finally Reaches Major Box Office Milestone 30 Years After Release-TGN


  • The Nightmare Before Christmas has now surpassed $100 million globally at the box office, thanks to its recent 30th anniversary theatrical re-release.
  • The movie’s re-release has brought in an additional $9.8 million for the film, bringing the movie’s domestic total to $87.2 million. Combined with a $13.8 million international haul, the movie’s total now sits at $101 million.
  • The film’s unique premise and breathtaking stop-motion animation are a testament to Tim Burton’s storytelling sensibilities and have contributed to its lasting popularity.



The Nightmare Before Christmas, a Tim Burton classic, has now finally pushed past a major box office milestone more than 30 years after its initial release. Hitting theaters in 1993, The Nightmare Before Christmas is written and produced by Burton and directed by Henry Selick. The movie was released under Disney’s Touchstone Pictures banner due to the studio’s fears it was too dark, but it ended up being a success both critically and commercially.

Now, per Box Office Mojo (via Slash Film), The Nightmare Before Christmas‘ recent 30th anniversary theatrical re-release has resulted in the film finally crossing the $100 million mark worldwide. After pulling in $889,000 in its most recent weekend, the re-release has seen the film earn an additional $9.8 million domestically (despite being available to stream on Disney Plus), bringing the film’s North American total to $87.2. Combined with a $13.8 million international haul, the film’s total sits at an impressive $101 million worldwide. Unfortunately, though, this still doesn’t mean The Nightmare Before Christmas 2 is happening.

Why The Nightmare Before Christmas Remains A Tim Burton Favorite

The Nightmare Before Christmas’ story, which actually began as a 1982 Burton poem, follows Jack Skellington, the King of Halloween Town, as he discovers a portal to several other holiday-themed worlds, including Christmas Town. While Halloween Town is dark and macabre, Christmas Town is bright and colorful, and Skellington attempts to bring some of this magic home with him. A great deal of confusion ensues, and Skellington soon finds himself juggling his obligations to both Halloween and Christmas.

The inventive premise alone is major reason for the movie’s longevity, with Burton’s dark, twisted, and yet humorous and charming story serving as a perfect encapsulation of the filmmaker’s sensibilities as a storyteller. The Nightmare Before Christmas’ songs also enhance the story, with composer Danny Elfman’s score bringing life to Halloween Town and Christmas Town, in addition to speaking to the unique journeys of the characters.

In addition to serving as the movie’s composer, Danny Elfman also voices Jack Skellington.

No discussion of the Burton cult classic would be complete, however, with mentioning the film’s animation. The story is brought to life using stop-motion animation, and the result is so stunning that the movie became the first animated feature ever to be nominated for the Best Visual Effects Academy Award. With The Nightmare Before Christmas having now passed this new milestone so many years after its initial release, the film’s status as a two-season holiday classic has only been further solidified.

Source: Box Office Mojo (via Slash Film)

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Movie Poster

    The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Release Date:

    Henry Selick

    Catherine O’Hara, Glenn Shadix, Ken Page, William Hickey, Chris Sarandon


    76 minutes

    Fantasy, Family, Animation

    Caroline Thompson

    Jack Skellington, king of Halloween Town, discovers Christmas Town, but his attempts to bring Christmas to his home causes confusion.

    $18 million



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