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In a moment that left cricket fans awestruck, Glenn Maxwell showcased an extraordinary display of skill, determination, and pure genius during Australia’s clash against Afghanistan in the 2023 Cricket World Cup. Pat Cummins, Australia’s captain, hailed Maxwell’s unbeaten double-century as “the greatest ODI innings that’s ever happened.” This incredible performance not only secured Australia’s place in the World Cup semi-finals but also etched Glenn Maxwell’s name in cricket history. In this article, we will delve into the remarkable details of Maxwell’s innings and the fascinating statistics that make it all the more impressive.

In the midst of a high-pressure match, Glenn Maxwell stood tall as the savior of the Australian team. While Cummins held one end, contributing an unbeaten 12 from 68 balls, Maxwell unleashed a stunning array of shots that took everyone by surprise. His innings, spanning 128 balls, featured an astounding 21 fours and 10 sixes. But it was not just the sheer number of boundaries that impressed; it was the audacity and innovation behind each stroke. Maxwell’s ability to trust his eye and send the ball soaring over the ropes, even when his legs were unable to move, was nothing short of extraordinary.

There were moments when it appeared Maxwell might be forced to retire hurt. Adam Zampa was padded up on the boundary’s edge, ready to replace him. However, Maxwell’s unwavering determination and sheer grit shone through as he regained sufficient mobility to finish the chase in a spectacular fashion. In a jaw-dropping sequence, he hammered six, six, four, and another six off Mujeeb Ur Rahman, achieving a milestone that will forever be etched in cricket’s history. Glenn Maxwell became the first Australian, and only the ninth man globally, to reach the magical 200-run mark in a One Day International (ODI) innings.

One Freaking Stats About Glenn Maxwell That Proves His Genius

One particular statistic, posted by the cricket statistician Mohandas Menon, adds another layer of brilliance to Maxwell’s innings. Did You Know (DYK)? When Glenn Maxwell bats for 65 balls or more in an ODI match, Australia has never lost! This remarkable statistic underscores the value Maxwell brings to the Australian cricket team when he spends significant time at the crease. In his illustrious ODI career spanning 11 years and 125 innings, this was the first instance where he faced over 100 balls in a single innings.

Maxwell’s remarkable innings against Afghanistan not only secured Australia’s place in the semi-finals but also provided a significant boost to the team’s confidence. The fearless, aggressive style of cricket that Maxwell embodies has become a source of inspiration for his teammates and a cause for concern for opposing teams. As the World Cup tournament progresses, Australia’s prospects look brighter with a player of Maxwell’s calibre in their ranks.

One Freaking Stat About Glenn Maxwell That Proves His Genius

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