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New One Piece Live-Action Poster Teases More Pirate Ships & Locations From Anime-TGN


  • The new poster for Netflix’s live-action One Piece show features iconic pirate ships and locations from the original anime, including the Straw Hats’ Going Merry and the Baratie.
  • The series will primarily cover storylines from the East Blue Saga, showcasing the beginning of Luffy’s journey and the formation of the Straw Hat Pirates. This serves as a good introduction for newcomers to the franchise.
  • The live-action series will depict classic scenes from the anime. If done similarly to the anime, the Netflix show could become a classic addition to One Piece‘s history.

A new poster for Netflix’s live-action One Piece reveals multiple pirate ships and locations from the original anime series. The upcoming show is based on Eiichiro Oda’s manga of the same name, which sees Monkey D. Luffy on a quest to become King of the Pirates. To do this, Luffy forms the Straw Hat Pirates, which itself is a lengthy saga in the anime.

Now, Netflix has unveiled a new poster for the live-action One Piece series, showing off pirate ships and locations from the anime translated into live-action form.

The poster features a glimpse at the Straw Hats’ Going Merry, alongside notable locations such as the floating Baratie restaurant and Arlong Park. It also depicts notable scenes from the anime, including Shanks giving Luffy his hat and the execution of Gold Roger. Check out the full poster below:

One Piece live action poster with ships and locations

How Much Of One Piece Will The Live-Action Show Cover?

 Emily Rudd as Nami and Inaki Godoy as Luffy in One Piece Netflix live action show

The new One Piece poster indicates the show will feature a lot of storylines pulled from the anime’s East Blue Saga. This Saga showcases the start of Luffy’s journey, forming the Straw Hat Pirates over the course of the Saga. This includes the introduction of the show’s first major heroes, including Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji.

The live-action One Piece trailer also indicates the latest iteration will focus mainly on storylines in the East Blue. This includes Buggy’s rule over Orange Town, the Baratie being attacked by Don Krieg, and Arlong’s conquest of Cocoyasi Village. By starting right from the show’s beginning, Netflix’s live-action adaptation could serve as a good introduction for newcomers to the lengthy franchise.

The adaptation will also be able to showcase classic scenes in live-action form, such as Luffy giving Nami his hat and the final part of the Loguetown Arc. If the scenes are depicted similarly to the anime, the live-action series could become another classic piece of the franchise’s history. The story’s extent being told in the live-action One Piece will be revealed when the show hits Netflix at the end of the month.

Source: Netflix/Twitter

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