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Oppenheimer’s Internal Conflict Becomes Literal In Mind-Blowing X-Ray Poster Art-TGN


  • Oppenheimer, the recent biopic, has exceeded box office expectations and received widespread acclaim, potentially becoming the highest-grossing biopic ever.
  • Artist BossLogic shared an impressive fan-made poster for Oppenheimer on Twitter, featuring an X-ray of Oppenheimer’s head, depicting his internal conflicts.
  • The poster symbolizes Oppenheimer’s duality as a conflicted genius, capable of scientific achievement but tormented by his creation of a device that can destroy civilization, highlighting the danger of an unprincipled person in the face of evil forces.

An incredible fan-made poster for Oppenheimer captures its eponymous character’s internal conflicts perfectly. The recent Christopher Nolan biopic of scientist and father of the atomic bomb J. Robert Oppenheimer has become one of the biggest movie events of the year, shattering box office expectations and gaining nearly universal acclaim from critics and audiences alike. The film, nearing $800 million at the worldwide box office, is now one of the highest grossing R-rated films of all time and potentially is on track to become the highest-grossing biopic ever made.

Artist BossLogic shared a poster he made for Oppenheimer on Twitter with the caption, “Oppenheimer poster I started months ago decided to finish it now, I liked the idea of the X-ray and the brain.” The art can be seen below:

The literally mind-blowing art depicts an X-ray of Oppenheimer’s head, which dons his iconic porkpie hat and cigarette combination, while his brain resembles a nuclear explosion.

The Duality Of Oppenheimer

Beyond the beautiful and bright art style, the poster symbolizes much more about the titular Oppenheimer, brilliantly portrayed in the movie by Cillian Murphy. Nolan depicts Oppenheimer as a conflicted genius capable of extraordinary scientific achievement. However, despite the incredible technical component of the physicist’s main achievement, he has created a device that can end human civilization in its current form. Oppenheimer’s sympathies to the vicious repression of Jewish people and leftists in Nazi Germany were part of his justification for signing onto the Manhattan Project, but he spends the final hour of the movie tortured by his own creation.

Early in the film, when Florence Pugh’s Jean Tatlock asks Oppenheimer why he has not officially joined the Communist Party, he says he likes to have “wiggle room,” showing his hesitancy to truly commit to one way of thinking. He stays that way, unable to commit himself to anything. From his relationships to women to his views on the atomic bomb and international arms control, Oppenheimer refuses to take a stand. In this, Nolan shows the true danger of an unprincipled and uncommitted person in the face of evil, militaristic forces trying to manipulate them. The poster brilliantly depicts the ambiguity and dichotomy central to Oppenheimer.

Source: BossLogic/Twitter

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