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Orion And The Dark Trailer: Boy Faces His Greatest Fear In Heartwarming Netflix Film-TGN


  • Netflix unveils a new trailer for their upcoming film, Orion and the Dark, based on a popular children’s book about overcoming fear.
  • This latest addition showcases Netflix’s commitment to creating compelling animated content for their platform.
  • Fans of Netflix’s animated offerings can anticipate another immersive storytelling experience with Orion and the Dark‘s release.



A new trailer for Netflix’s Orion and the Dark has been released, revealing more about the upcoming animated film. Netflix has many animated series and movies within its catalog, some of which have been heavily praised, like Arcane and Nimona. One of their many upcoming projects is an adaptation of Emma Yarlett’s children’s book about dealing with fear.

Now, Netflix has released a new trailer for Orion and the Dark as part of their Geeked Week announcements, revealing what to expect from the upcoming movie.

The trailer teases a light-hearted film as Orion meets Dark, who takes him on a journey to face his fears. Introduced in the trailer are more nighttime entities that will seemingly accompany them on their adventure. The trailer ends revealing a release date of February 2, 2024.

Everything To Expect From Orion And The Dark

Orion flying on Dark's back in Orion and the Dark

The streaming service has been ramping up production for animation lately, with new projects like Arcane season 2 and The Dragon Prince Book 6 announced at 2023’s Geeked Week as well. Although Netflix has cancelled many animated projects in the past, the new slate of productions indicates they aren’t entirely finished. Orion and the Dark is representative of this, as it’s another animated film the streamer will be putting out for all audiences.

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The new movie also represents the continued collaboration between Netflix and DreamWorks animation, who have worked on originals like The Boss Baby: Back in Business and Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight. This latest feature is bolstered by a recognizable voice cast, including Jacob Tremblay (Luca), Paul Walter Hauser (I, Tonya), and Werner Herzog (Invincible). As the trailer shows, the cast is determined to reflect the fun and educational story of the film.

With Orion and the Dark bolstering Netflix’s animated catalog, it seems the movie might find success with families when it gets released. The familiar studio behind the film coupled with an equally familiar voice cast means the movie may fare well as a new standalone feature. Its latest trailer teases a funny yet heartwarming tale about learning fear may not be worth being afraid of after all.

Source: Netflix/YouTube

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