Pakistan Gets Trolled With Memes After New Zealand Beat Sri Lanka In 23 Overs-TGN

In a climactic showdown at Bengaluru’s ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, Sri Lanka and New Zealand engaged in a high-stakes battle. Sri Lanka, already on the ropes at 113/8, found themselves in a precarious situation that had Pakistan fervently hoping for a turnaround. The Kiwi squad, brimming with enthusiasm, sought to swiftly seal the deal.

Amidst the intensity, a sudden twist materialized when Dushmantha Chameera’s bat met Lockie Ferguson’s delivery with a resounding inside edge. In the heat of the moment, a questionable call reverberated, triggering a wave of anticipation and anxiety. With two reviews remaining, Mitchell, with unwavering decisiveness, initiated the T-sign after a fervent LBW appeal.

The pivotal decision rested on the trust between teammates as Williamson, the captain, relied on the judgment of Mitchell. A confirmation echoed through the stadium, communicated to the on-field umpire, Joe Wilson. As the tension reached its zenith, the colossal replay unfolded on the colossal screen, laying bare the truth of the decisive moment.

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