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Classic ’90s Animated PBS Show Is Pure Nightmare Fuel For VFX Artists 25 Years Later-TGN


  • VFX artists on Corridor Crew’s “Animators React” series react to Jay Jay the Jet Plane, finding the show to be creepy.
  • The animators take issue with the technology used, which they believe removes any sense of artistic expression from the show.
  • While story and content of animated properties will always be the most important factor, animation quality is also important to a degree, as it can determine how effectively a story is absorbed by audiences.



VFX artists react to the nightmare fuel animation in Jay Jay the Jet Plane, a ’90s-era PBS kids show. First airing in 1994, Jay Jay the Jet Plane ran for a total of four seasons, chronicling the adventure of a plane and his friends. A revival of the show, The New Adventures of Jay Jay the Jet Plane, is confirmed to be in development, and a first trailer was even released last summer, but the show has yet to actually release.

Now, on a new episode of Corridor Crew‘s “Animators React” series, Niko Pueringer and Wren Weichman are joined by veteran animator Alex Snow to break down a host of animated shows and movies, both new and old. The reaction to Jay Jay the Jet Plane is one of the funnier segments in the video, with the animators finding something off about how the planes’ motion is captured. “It’s gotta be live mouse capture,” Niko reasons, judging from the jerky movement of the airplanes as they fly. Check out additional comments by the animators below:

Alex: “This is a good example of, like, the bare minimum.”

Wren: “This is really creeping me out. What are we watching? Is this for kids?

Niko: “They have the mouse and they like click and drag for the head to change, and they just record the motion. It has that feel.”

Alex: “It’s just weird. This is like leaning too hard into your tool and I think as soon as you start taking out the creativity or the director’s vision or the artist’s hand, you end up with more stuff like this.”

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How Much Does Animation Quality Matter?

Is a good story enough?

Pixar, the studio responsible for the likes of Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Up, and WALL-E, operates under the motto, “story is king.” Essentially, this means that regardless of how beautiful the animation may be, it’s the story that gives the animation meaning and actually makes a film memorable to audiences. This motto clearly paid off for many decades, with Pixar now known as one of the best animation studios in the business.

While the “story is king” motto is certainly an honorable approach, it must be said that most Pixar movies are also stunningly animated. It’s hard to say, then, whether something like Toy Story or Finding Nemo would have found similar levels of success if the animation was less technically advanced. In the case of Jay Jay the Jet Plane, the animation style is evidently distracting and even somewhat creepy by modern standards, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how the show was received upon its release, especially by its intended audience.

Jay Jay the Jet Plane ran for a total of four seasons, meaning it likely wasn’t a total flop, but it also appears relatively cheap to produce, another major difference between the show and something like a Pixar movie. Ultimately, how much the animation quality matters will come down to each individual audience member’s response and personal preferences, but if the series managed to entertain children for a few hours, it probably fulfilled its intended purpose. Clearly, however, by today’s standards, Jay Jay the Jet Plane leaves much to be desired.

Source: Corridor Crew/ YouTube

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