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Percy Jackson Trailer Teaser Hints At 1 Key Mythological Creature From The Book-TGN


  • A new teaser for the upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV series hints at the inclusion of a key mythological creature, Cerberus.
  • Cerberus, loyal to Hades, is an important character in the book series and serves as the Guardian of the Underworld.
  • More exciting details about the TV series will be revealed soon, as a new, full-length trailer arrives tomorrow.



A new teaser for an upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians trailer hints at the inclusion of a key mythological creature from the book series. Drawing from Greek mythology, the show follows its titular Percy Jackson, a young demigod who attends Camp Half-Blood during his summers. Each year, he and his friends are thrust into a new adventure involving the Gods of Olympus.

Now, Percy Jackson has released a new trailer teaser for the Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV series.

The short teaser shows a flash of what appears to be Cerberus, an important mythological creature in the books. Loyal to Hades, the three-headed dog acts as the Guardian of the Underworld.

Percy Jackson Promises A Very Faithful Adaptation

The inclusion of Cerberus in the teaser underscores how faithful this new adaptation of Rick Riordan’s book series is going to be. Season 1 will be based on the first book, The Lightning Thief, which sees Percy, Grover, and Annabeth go on an adventure after Zeus’ Master Bolt is stolen. Part of their journey takes them to the Underworld, where the three-headed animal is first introduced.

Cerberus did not make an appearance in the fan-panned 2010 movie adaptation, revealing just how much more faithful to the source material the Disney+ series will be. The cast of Percy Jackson and the Olympians also includes Ares, a major book character who was cut from the movie. Because of these inclusions, it appears the show will be capturing all major aspects of the original in its recreation.

With plans to adapt every book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series for Disney+, the inclusion of Cerberus indicates the faithfulness to expect from the whole series. This means important details from the book series will likely be translated onscreen in some fashion. The current level of accuracy to the original also teases the presence of memorable book scenes that will be recreated for the show.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians premieres its first two episodes on Disney+ on December 20, 2023.

Source: Percy Jackson/Twitter

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