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Pokémon Horizons Episode #28 Release Date and Time-TGN


  • Episode #28 of Pokémon Horizons sees Roy’s Ancient Poké Ball stolen by a sketchy antiques dealer, leading to a mission to recover it.
  • Pokémon Horizons only airs on TVTokyo at the moment, but an English dub has been announced.
  • The next episode promises action and potentially new insights into the mysterious Ancient Adventurer, Lucius.



Pokémon Horizons episode #28 sees Roy becoming the unfortunate victim of theft after the Ancient Poké Ball which once contained the Black Rayquaza is stolen from him by a sketchy antiques dealer. Here’s all one needs to know to check out the latest episode of the hit new Pokémon series when it airs.

When Do Pokémon Horizons Episodes Release?

In order to watch the newest episode of Pokémon Horizons, fans will need to be able to tune into the Japanese network TVTokyo, which is currently the only source. Broadcasts on TVTokyo take place on Fridays, with episode #28 scheduled for November 10, 2023, at 6:55 PM JST. After the change from Daylight Savings Time, that translates to 4:55 AM Eastern and 1:55 AM Western Time, a highly inconvenient timeframe for most American fans. Episodes are also aired in Japanese only, without subtitles, meaning that some level of Japanese comprehension is necessary to follow the plot. Pokémon Horizons is confirmed for an English dub, which was previously announced for late 2023, but with no more specific date currently available.

What Happened in Pokémon Horizons Episode #27?

Pokemon Horizons: Spinel at the Explorers' base.

Episode #27 saw the Rising Volt Tacklers setting out into the Wild Area of the Galar Region, intending to meet up with a person who claimed to have witnessed the Black Rayquaza. While this person never turned up to give them information (and was likely a disinformation campaign by the Explorers), the team decided to make the best of it after running into a merchant loaded with curry ingredients. Liko and Roy managed to convince their shy companion Dot to stay for curry, a surprisingly big character moment for the team’s tech expert. Meanwhile, the Explorers plot their next move, with Amethio suggesting they track the Black Rayquaza themselves to get ahead of the Rising Volt Tacklers.

Episode #28 of Pokémon Horizons Sees Roy’s Ancient Poké Ball Stolen.

Pokemon Horizons: Roy meets the Antiques Dealer.

In episode #27, Liko’s grandmother suggests that Roy take the Ancient Poké Ball to an antique shop, in the hopes that the owner may know something about it and how it works. Episode #28 sees Roy do just that, but his choice of a merchant is unfortunate, as the antiques dealer steals the Ancient Poké Ball instead, and is seen on the phone in the preview discussing it with someone (possibly the Explorers). Liko and Roy will have to work together to recover Roy’s missing Ancient Poké Ball before this sketchy antiques dealer can get away with it, or even sell it to somebody else.

Episode #28 looks like a return to some action, after episodes #26 and #27 took a little break from the plot to give the characters a chance to breathe. If the antiques dealer knew enough about the Ancient Poké Ball to know it was worth stealing, perhaps he’ll have some new insight to share once Liko and Roy manage to corner him. Any information on how these balls work will be helpful, as right now they seem to operate according to the desires of the Pokémon inside. Hopefully, the next episode of Pokémon Horizons will provide another piece of the puzzle of the Ancient Adventurer Lucius.

Episode #28 of Pokémon Horizons will be broadcast on TVTokyo on November 10, 2023.

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