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Russell Crowe’s $76M Horror Movie Is Now A Haunted Netflix Hit-TGN


  • The Pope’s Exorcist, starring Russell Crowe, is now a hit on Netflix, climbing to the #3 spot in the global top 10 with 6 million streams.
  • Despite facing tough competition at the box office, The Pope’s Exorcist grossed $76 million worldwide, a decent performance for a non-franchise horror film.
  • Available on Netflix, The Pope’s Exorcist is reaching a wider audience and achieving impressive success on the streaming platform’s global top 10.

The Pope’s Exorcist is now a hit on Netflix. Starring Russell Crowe, The Pope’s Exorcist is a 2023 horror film based on real-life Vatican City exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth who, in the process of researching the possession of a child, uncovers a Vatican conspiracy. Directed by Samaritan‘s Julius Avery, it stars Daniel Zovatto, Alex Essoe, and Franco Nero alongside Crowe.

Now, The Pope’s Exorcist has soared to the top of the heap on Netflix. The Pope’s Exorcist is now the #3 film in Netflix’s global top 10, with 6 million streams. The Pope’s Exorcist sits behind Netflix’s original action-thrilled Heart of Stone at #1 and the original animated feature The Monkey King at #2.

The Pope Exorcist Went from Moderate Box Office to Major Streaming Success

The Pope’s Exorcist was released in April 2023 to moderate success. In its theatrical run, the film grossed $76 million, compared to its estimated $20 million budget. For a non-franchise horror film by a relatively unknown director, The Pope’s Exorcist worldwide gross was adequate, though perhaps not the smashing box office success for which the studio may have hoped.

The Pope’s Exorcist had a lot to compete against at the time of its release. Also released in early April were Ben Affleck’s based-on-a-true-story drama Air and The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which is currently 2023’s highest-grossing film. The Nicolas Cage Dracula film Renfield also had an April release, giving The Pope’s Exorcist more competition in the horror genre, albeit with a more comedic film.

With its availability on Netflix, audiences who opted for the likes of The Super Mario Bros. Movie during The Pope’s Exoricst’s initial run now have the chance to see it streaming at home. With it now being more accessible, the movie is finding a wider audience. Being a moderate hit, it’s impressive that The Pope’s Exorcist has come out so high on Neftlix’s global top 10.

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