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“Now We Know”: Predator Experiment Video Proves Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Plan Works In Real Life-TGN


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mud camo trick from the movie “Predator” would actually work against the alien’s thermal vision, as proven in an experiment video by the Corridor Crew.
  • The twist of Schwarzenegger defeating the Predator through guile and luck was effective in avoiding the cliche of a physically superior human overpowering an opponent.
  • The proof of mud’s effectiveness against thermal vision closes what some considered the biggest plot hole in the Predator franchise.



Arnold Schwarzenegger’s plan to defeat the alien’s thermal vision is put to the ultimate test in a new Predator experiment video. 1987 saw the release of director John McTiernan’s sci-fi/action classic, pitting a crew of hard-bitten commandos against a single invisible alien hunter. Despite being massively out-gunned, action superstar Schwarzenegger’s character was memorably able to get a leg up on this seemingly invincible foe using the most unlikely of methods, defeating the alien’s thermal vision technology with a simple coating of mud.

Sci-fi fans have long debated whether this mud trick would really provide camouflage against the Predator alien’s thermal vision, but now thanks to an entertainment experiment video via the Corridor Crew, the debate has been settled, and amazingly, it seems that Schwarzenegger’s mud camo would actually work. Check out the clip below:

In the video, the Corridor Crew gang assemble a team of hunters armed with different varieties of thermal vision, while one man takes on the role of Schwarzenegger, coating himself in mud and crouching amid foliage (as happens in the movie). Somewhat amazingly, the mud does disguise the man’s heat signature well enough to make him basically invisible to the hunters’ scopes, proving that Dutch could have plausibly defeated Predator’s technologically-advanced antagonist by simply smearing himself with muck.

Predator’s Brains-Over-Brawn Twist Was Repeated In 2022’s Prey Sequel

The twist of having Schwarzenegger defeat the Yautja through a combination of luck and guile proved an effective one, as it side-stepped the implausible development of a human somehow beating a physically superior opponent through pure brawn (as might be expected to happen in a Schwarzenegger-led sci-fi film). A similar twist was later employed in 2022’s Predator sequel Prey, as Amber Midthunder’s seemingly over-matched Naru also employed stealth and cleverness in beating that movie’s formidable alien bad guy.

In a 2021 article, scientist Nina Nesseth argued that coating himself in mud would not lower Schwarzenegger’s body temperature enough to defeat the Predator’s heat vision.

It can of course be debated whether any human, regardless of their physical or mental attributes, could truly defeat a heavily-armed alien hunter in one-on-one combat. It’s also fair to ask why an alien armed with massively advanced technology would not have a better means of seeing their surroundings. It does now seem to have been proven that mud can indeed camouflage a person against thermal vision, closing up the biggest alleged Predator “plot hole.”

Source: Corridor Crew/YouTube

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