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Why Blumhouse Is Still Moving Ahead With The Purge 6 (Despite 2 Years Of Limbo)-TGN


  • Jason Blum plans to move forward with The Purge 6 after being inspired by the successful Purge Experience at Horror Nights.
  • The Forever Purge hinted at a world where violence continues beyond the 12-hour period, setting the stage for an intriguing sixth installment.
  • Audiences can look forward to the return of Frank Grillo’s character, Leo Barnes, and may finally learn what happened to him since the events of The Purge: Election Year.



Jason Blum reveals why his production company is moving ahead with The Purge 6, despite two years of limbo. The horror franchise began in 2013 and depicts a seemingly idealistic version of America, where one night a year, murder and all other crime is legal. Created by James DeMonaco, The Purge movies explore various timelines and characters, including Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo), Dante Bishop (Edwin Hodge), and more. After the release of The Forever Purge, Blum was unable to confirm anything about the series’ future, but did express interest in making The Purge 6.

During the New York Comic-Con panel “Blumhouse’s Blumfest 2023” (via The Direct), the producer suggested that his company is still moving ahead with The Purge 6. He also revealed that this year’s Halloween Horror Nights experience influenced the decision. Read Blum’s comments regarding The Purge 6 below:

We love to scare people in any way possible. At Horror Nights in both Los Angeles and Florida, we had an amazing ‘Exorcist’ maze… We also did a big Purge Experience, and so when I saw this – the ‘Purge’ (franchise) has been asleep for a while – but when I saw this, I was kind of inspired to think, ‘Maybe we’ve got to wake ‘The Purge’ up again.’ So, I think so, I definitely think so.

What Could Happen In The Purge 6?

Leo Barnes looking distressed in The Purge

The Forever Purge saw violence continue beyond the 12-hour period, ending with implications that the New Founding Fathers of America had lost all authority, as conflict between Purgers and everyone else persisted. When discussing the possibility of The Purge 6, DeMonaco previously shared that he had written a script, and teased the inclusion of a much different United States. He added that it would take place after the events of The Forever Purge as well.

Grillo, who portrayed sergeant Leo Barnes in two of The Purge movies, is expected to return for the sixth installment. The last time his character appeared on-screen, he was working to protect Senator Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) in The Purge: Election Year, so it’s worth wondering what happened to him since the event was brought back. Last year, Grillo revealed that The Purge 6 would follow Barnes and that DeMonaco was interested in directing.

For anyone who enjoys films, and even the short-lived television series, Blum’s comments about continuing the franchise should lead to a lot of excitement. It will be interesting to see what exactly takes place in The Purge 6, and if it looks outside the United States. Audiences might also be eager to learn more about Barnes and why the character is returning after so many years.

Source: The Direct

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