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Quantum Leap Season 2 Tests Ben & Addison’s Relationship In New Ways, Teases Showrunner-TGN

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Quantum Leap season 2, episode 2!




  • Ben and Addison’s relationship will be tested in new ways throughout season 2 of Quantum Leap due to Ben’s absence and Addison now being in a relationship with Tom.
  • The circumstances of the new season will challenge Ben and Addison’s desire to be in the relationship they initially wanted, forcing them to adapt and find a way to work together.
  • The love triangle between Ben, Addison, and Tom will make things difficult for Addison, and the three-year gap will make it uncertain if Ben and Addison can reconnect or if their new lives will keep them apart.

Quantum Leap showrunner Dean Georgaris has opened up about how Ben and Addision’s relationship will be tested in new ways throughout season 2. In season 2, episode 1, it was revealed that Ben had been missing for three years following his inability to return home at the end of season 1. Since then, the Quantum Leap project had been shut down and his fiancee, Addison, is now in a relationship with US Army Officer Tom Westfall.

Speaking with TVLine, Georgaris opened up about how these new circumstances will test Ben and Addison’s relationship throughout Quantum Leap season 2. He explained how the pair may not end up in the relationship they initially wanted, and how that dynamic will play into the series overall. Check out what Georgaris had to say below:

If last season was the ultimate long-distance relationship, I think this season is coming to terms with, ‘How do you get along with one another if, perhaps, it feels like destiny is not on your side? How do you continue to work with someone? How do you take the feeling that you have for someone and do something positive with them?’

The love that they shared was… tested very specifically by the fact that they were separated by time, which I think is really fun to watch, but not necessarily something a lot of us in real life has experienced. But I think we’ve all experienced that complicated dynamic of when you really care for someone, and you have to figure out maybe you’re going to have to have a relationship with them that’s not necessarily the one you hoped it would be.

Will Quantum Leap Season 2 Bring Ben & Addison Back Together?

Raymond Lee as Ben in Quantum Leap Season 1 Episode 18

As the Quantum Leap season 2 premiere established, Ben’s absence has resulted in many changes to the lives of the people he cares about. Season 2, episode 2 reveals Tom genuinely cares about Addison, making it clear the inevitable love triangle will be difficult for her. It’s made more complicated by her new love interest revamping the project, meaning all three characters will have to work together in the future.

While it’s possible Addison decides to leave Tom, the three-year gap that’s been created now means she has a much different life than before Ben disappeared. The two may end up having a relationship more akin to a close friendship now that their initial plans together have been upended. However, there’s also the chance the past three years that Ben wasn’t able to experience will make the pair distant from one another.

Ben and Addison struggling with emotional distance will likely be a defining factor of their new relationship at first. The only uncertainty now is if the pair will accept their new lives, or if they will slowly come back together as the season progresses. With Quantum Leap season 2 only just beginning, it remains to be seen how their new relationship circumstances will impact each of them.

Source: TVLine

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