Nasser Hussain Gives Reply To Ex PAK Players Who Attacked BCCI-TGN

Former England captain and now a respected commentator Nasser Hussain has once and for all shut down on the allegations that some of the former Pakistani players have been making against BCCI for the pitches used in the World Cup 2023.

India’s incredibly dominant streak of 8 wins in 8 games hasn’t been digested well by some ex-Pakistani players who have accused the BCCI of creating pitches favoring India, who have quite easily ignored the fact that India’s bowlers have dominated oppositions on all kinds of surfaces in the tournament so far. Hasan Raza, a former Pakistani batsman, even said that the balls given to Team India bowlers are different from the ones given to other teams.

India’s bowling attack has simply been lethal, and, in recent games, looked unplayable.

Hussain has been praiseful for the pitch curators in the World Cup 2023, saying that all pitches used across the 10 venues have had something for everyone – batters, pacers, and spinners. The fact that only one Asian team – India – qualified for the semi-finals also speaks that the pitches have not been heavily conducive to spin bowling, as some had expected ahead of the tournament.

Nasser Hussain said, “I really liked the pitches in this World Cup. Batters enjoyed, seamers underlights got the ball moving around and spinners got some grip. In general all the pitches in the tournament there is a bit for everyone”.

Nasser Hussain
Nasser Hussain

Team’s performance is weighing Buttler down: Nasser Hussain

Meanwhile, Nasser Hussain also spoke on Jos Buttler’s horrific form with the bat in the World Cup, and it reflects in his side underperforming and failing to reach the semis, and now competing for a spot in the Champions Trophy 2025.

Buttler has scored only 111 runs in 8 innings without a single fifty.

Hussain insists it’s the team’s poor performance that’s leading to Buttler’s no-show with the bat.

“When the team’s performance is going in the wrong direction, it weighs you down (as a captain). It inspires some but at the moment, the way the white-ball team is playing is weighing Buttler down and it is affecting his batting,” added Hussain.


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