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“Star Wars With Sex, Violence & Swearing”: Zack Snyder’s New Movie Teased By Villain Actor-TGN


  • Rebel Moon star Ed Skrein describes the film as “like Star Wars, but with violence, sex, and swearing.”
  • Skrein plays Admiral Atticus Noble, a fierce right-hand man to the primary villain, Regent Balisarius.
  • The film was originally conceived as a mature take on Star Wars but was reworked into its own sci-fi universe.

Rebel Moon star Ed Skrein, who plays the villain Admiral Atticus Noble, teases Zack Snyder’s new Netflix movie as Star Wars with explicit content. The two-part space opera, which follows a woman named Kora (Sofia Boutella) who leads a rebellion against a tyrannical ruling force, was originally conceived by Snyder as a mature take on Stars Wars. After it was ultimately rejected by Lucasfilm, the director reworked the idea into its own sci-fi universe. Though Rebel Moon will be rated PG-13, there will also be R-rated extended cuts.

Long before the Rebel Moon release date on December 22, Screen Rant visited the set of Snyder’s sci-fi epic and talked with star Ed Skrein. Asked how to sum up Rebel Moon, the actor described it as “like Star Wars, but with violence, sex, and swearing.” Skrein went on to talk about how exciting it is to have a new IP being created with brand-new world-building. Read what he said below:

When people say, “Oh, what are you working on?” I say, “It’s like Star Wars, but with violence, sex, and swearing.” Once I heard it, I was like, sign me up. Because in this age, where we’re not making new IP so much, this formulaic age, it’s such a privilege to be part of new world-building. My taste is so much more in a subversive underground arts, to be part of such a commercial behemoth such as this with such subversive tendencies, it was just a mouthwatering prospect.

Then I got on set and was like, “Yeah, Zack’s sick in the head like me. Yeah, that’s crazy.” I think a scene was dark and he’d be like, “Okay, we’re just gonna bring out the priestesses.” And I’d be like, “Priestesses?” And he’d be like “Yeah, we’re doing it.” I’ll be like, “Oh my gosh, really? We’re doing that?” Then I’d see the shot and I’d go, “Okay, this is the movie we’re making.”

It’s the type of movie that I would be so excited by. And Noble is the type of character that I would see and go, “Oh, that’s a dream.” When I read the script, I said, “This guy is a dream role?” It’s a dream role for me and for anyone. And yeah, it’s been, it has been an amazing experience bringing him to life. And as soon as I read it, I said, “I understand this. And I’m built for this. And I’ve been building for this.”

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What To Expect From Rebel Moon’s Villains

Skrein, known for his villainous performance in Deadpool, plays one of two antagonists in Rebel Moon. Hawkeye star Fra Fee plays the primary big bad, Regent Balisarius, the tyrannical ruler of the Mother World’s Imperium army which has ruled the galaxy for years. Balisarius takes over as Regent after the death of the king. Considering he is a brutal dictator, it’s safe to assume Balisarius had a hand in slaying the royal figure. Since Rebel Moon started as a Star Wars pitch, it has been speculated the character of Balisarius was originally supposed to be Darth Vader.

Skrein plays Balisarius’ fierce right-hand man, Admiral Atticus Noble, who leads the Imperium army on the ground and is also a high-ranking enforcer of the Mother World. Since Balisarius won’t have much screen time until Rebel Moon: Part Two – The Scargiver, releasing on April 19, 2024, this will allow Noble to have the spotlight to himself in Part One – A Child of Fire as he hunts for Kora and seeks to quell her rebellious insurgency. Epic sci-fi fantasy films are generally only as good as their villains, so hopefully Snyder’s Rebel Moon delivers in that regard.

Key Release Dates

  • Rebel Moon Part One Movie Poster

    Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire

  • Rebel Moon Part 2 Temp Poster

    Rebel Moon: Part Two – The Scargiver

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