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How Rebel Moon Sets Itself Apart From Star Wars Explained By Concept Artist-TGN


  • Rebel Moon sets itself apart from Star Wars by exploring darker and more mature themes, appealing to the adults who grew up loving the franchise.
  • The movie delves into the war-torn aspects of the Star Wars universe, going beyond the violence and death depicted in the original stories.
  • By incorporating fantasy and Western genres, Rebel Moon can offer a more mature and impactful storytelling experience compared to the broader appeal of Star Wars.

Concept artist and co-owner of 9B Collective, Mike Uwandi, reveals how Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon sets itself apart from Star Wars, the space epic that originally inspired the story. Although Snyder was turned down when he originally pitched this project as part of the Star Wars universe, he’s now creating a two-part sci-fi epic for Netflix as an original franchise. The movie follows Kora, a former soldier for the corrupt government that controls the universe. Seeking redemption, she brings together a group of warriors from across the galaxy to stand against her old army to protect the moon Veldt and its people.

In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant for Blue Beetle, Uwandi also discusses his work on Rebel Moon. He explained how the movie sets itself apart from George Lucas’ Star Wars. He also teased how it references stories that helped inspire Star Wars and the darker tone of Rebel Moon.

Mike Uwandi: Definitely leads to Zack. I mean, tonally, it’s definitely an ode to some of the darker Star Wars tales, but it borrows from a lot more. I would say that from what we were able to see, even in the trailer, you can see that it’s not just referencing Star Wars, it’s referencing the things that Star Wars also referenced. So there’s a little bit more fantasy involved in that and it’s a lot more clear, whereas I almost feel like Star Wars does a good job at dusting off the trail a little bit, but that’s all I think I can say.

Editor’s Note: This piece was written during the 2023 WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, and the movie covered here would not exist without the labor of the writers and actors in both unions.

How Rebel Moon’s Darker Tone Can The Universe Differentiate It From Star Wars

Star Wars has grown and developed into a huge franchise spanning multiple movies, animated series, and live-action series. Over time, the stories have matured, with war and rebellion against a corrupt government being a continuous theme. However, at the core of its creation, Star Wars, from the start was made with kids in mind. Projects like Andor show a darker, grittier side of the Star Wars world, but for the most part, the franchise continues to be something that is meant to be watched by entire families.

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Rebel Moon can set itself apart from this by exploring darker themes or leaning more heavily into the war-torn aspect of Star Wars. While Star Wars is not a world without violence, torture, and death, Rebel Moon can take it to the next level by changing a very simple element that will have a ripple effect throughout the entire franchise Snyder seems to be building. Make Rebel Moon for the adults who grew up loving Star Wars. This would give those fans a story that has aged with them and explores some of the impacts of war that Star Wars is unable to fully dive into.

While Rebel Moon seems to be leaning into the fantasy and Western genres, both major pieces of Star Wars, they can again explore a more mature corner of these genres. The Star Wars inspiration definitely shines through, and with Snyder incorporating his own version of lightsabers, it also feels closest to Andor. The movie seems like it will dig into the ramifications of Kora’s life and her need for redemption to wash her hands of the countless innocents she killed in the name of a corrupt government. While Star Wars is full of dark characters and storylines, it never fully digs into them, always holding back to a degree in a way Rebel Moon doesn’t need to.

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