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Stolen Rocky Costume Recovered By Sylvester Stallone & BTS Story Shared In Video-TGN


  • Stallone shares an odd behind-the-scenes story: his iconic Rocky robe was stolen and later put up for auction. Now he’s reunited with the garment.
  • Rocky was a turning point for Stallone’s career, establishing him as a leading man. His legacy extends beyond the Rocky franchise.
  • The recently-released documentary Sly highlights Stallone’s prolific career in major Hollywood franchises, including The Expendables.



Sylvester Stallone recounts the story of recovering a stolen costume from Rocky. Released in 1976, Rocky was Stallone’s breakout acting role. The movie went on to win Best Picture at the Oscars, and earn Stallone nominations for Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay.

Nearly 50 years after the first Rocky movie’s release, Stallone has shared an odd behind the scenes story on his Instagram. In the video, Stallone poses with Rocky Balboa’s iconic red robe from the first film. He goes on to explain that “much to (his) chagrin,” the robe was once “absconded” from his home.

Stallone only discovered that the robe was gone when it was later put up for auction. Showing off the now-reclaimed robe, the actor went on to explain that it had some flaws due to Rocky’s low budget. One such flaw was that the robe was made far too big for him, which caused issues on set. The robe was so notable, Stallone claimed, that “if it had had one more scene, it would have been a character in the film.”

How Rocky Contributed To Sylvester Stallone’s Legacy

Up until Rocky, Stallone mainly held roles in B-films such as Capone and Death Race 2000. The boxing movie ended up being a major turning point for Stallone, establishing the actor as a leading man that few had seen him as before. He would go on to play the titular character throughout the whole Rocky franchise, and in the spinoff Creed franchise as well.

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Rocky‘s significant impact on his career is highlighted in the recently-released documentary Sly, a film about Stallone’s life which he makes a pitch for in his Instagram comment. As the movie documents, the actor has gone on to have a prolific career in several major Hollywood franchises beyond Rocky, including the Expendables franchise. Luckily, Stallone can now reminisce on his Rocky years in the presence of the robe he once wore, as he is reunited with the stolen garment.

Source: Sylvester Stallone/Instagram

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